Care Plan Numbers Don't Lie

The pharmacy staff within many Flip the Pharmacy locations has been busy documenting Care Plans within their workflow all while managing challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic. Take a look at the latest eCare Plan numbers from the Flip the Pharmacy program.
Active Flip the Pharmacy Cohorts (both 2 and 3):
602 Pharmacies
239,061 eCare Plans were received (since October 2021)
99.3 Care Plans per pharmacy, per month
409 pharmacies submitted a Care Plan with a blood pressure reading
41 Care Plans per pharmacy with a blood pressure reading
Total Care Plans for the Flip the Pharmacy Initiative:
2,260,450 Care Plans
(October 2019 through January 2022)

A big shout out to all of our Flip the Pharmacy pharmacies for the hard work you have put into providing excellent longitudinal patient care!
Cody Clifton, PharmD
Director of Implementation and Strategic Initiatives
Flip the Pharmacy
Flip the Pharmacy Change Package for
February 2022
Hypertension Progression
The change package is an implementation guide which is intended to help pharmacies to improve their workflows, increase meaningful patient care experiences, and understand documenting eCare Plans.
During February, the focus is maximizing technology to improve workflow efficiencies within the pharmacy. Listen to pharmacy colleagues on a podcast discuss ways that they have improved workflow efficiencies through technology. Then, review the technology checklist for ideas for the pharmacy, including scheduling platforms and messaging systems.

Continue to monitor and document blood pressure readings for patients.

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Flip the Pharmacy
Best Practices Webinar

Our February Best Practices Webinar featured pharmacist Mark McCurdy, owner of Mark's Pharmacy and a part of Team Nebraska.
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Wednesday, March 9, 2021 at 1 p.m. EST

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Power in Numbers

Jam-packed with COVID-19 cases, Jonesboro’s only two hospitals had no choice but to begin turning away symptomatic and positive-testing patients. Local infusion centers in this Arkansas town were just as inundated, lacking the staff and infrastructure to keep up with the demand for what was the first and only COVID-19 treatment – monoclonal antibodies. Pharmacies were up for the challenge, but could only administer the therapy under a time-consuming collaborative practice agreement.

Click here to read the full article about how pharmacist and Medicine Shoppe owner Jett Jones and clinic pharmacist Jill Wolf championed an effort to provide monoclonal antibody therapy in Jonesboro, Arkansas, providing much-needed relief to its overwhelmed health care facilities.  
Pharmacist/Owner Jett Jones
Clinic Pharmacist Jill Wolf
RxSafe Sponsors 4 Flip the Pharmacy Teams

The Flip the Pharmacy Coordinating Center confirmed that RxSafe will be a Team Sponsor for these Flip the Pharmacy teams:
  • Team GATE (Greater Appalachian Transformation Effort),
  • Team Nebraska,
  • Team Ohio, and
  • Team Wisconsin.

Click here for the full press announcement.
Technology Solutions Partners
Workflow Webinars

The Flip the Pharmacy / CPESN Workflows Webinars hosted by the Technology Solutions Partners (TSPs) is a series to help your pharmacy staff understand how to maximize their technology systems for eCare Plan documentation.
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the dates and times provided by our TSPs.
Mark your calendars so that you don’t miss your TSP’s webinar!
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