JUNE 2021
Underestimating the Impact of
Community-based Pharmacists

Over the last several weeks, I have been involved in discussions with several organizations regarding the role of community-based pharmacists in health care. The individuals who were part of those discussions included physicians (both specialists and primary care) and pharmacists (in ambulatory care and health-systems based practices). The discussions were focused on the ability of community-based pharmacists to provide clinical services...

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Randy McDonough, PharmD, MS, BCGP, BCPS, FAPhA
Director of Practice Transformation, Flip the Pharmacy
Flip the Pharmacy Award Winners
Feature on our TSP of the Year: PioneerRx
7 Habits of Highly Effective People author Dr. Stephen Covey once said, “It takes humility to seek feedback. it takes wisdom to understand it, analyze it, and appropriately act on it.” In the business of pharmacy management systems, PioneerRx is leading the way toward practice transformation due to their ability to innovate based on insights cultivated from customer feedback.
PioneerRx was recently recognized with the Flip the Pharmacy Technology Solutions Provider of the Year Award.
Flip the Pharmacy’s Technology Solutions Provider (TSP) of the Year Award is given to a Technology Solutions Provider that exhibits an exemplary commitment to providing necessary technology resources to support pharmacy practice transformation and the overall purpose of Flip the Pharmacy.

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Purdue University College of Pharmacy
Commits to the Transformation of
Community Pharmacy Practice

As one of the first colleges of pharmacy to sponsor a Flip the Pharmacy team, Purdue University commits to the transformation of community pharmacy practice in the state of Indiana. As part of this sponsorship, Purdue University Department of Pharmacy Practice faculty also serve as Practice Transformation Coaches to local pharmacies through advanced community practice experiences for their fourth-year students. Their investment will help push their vision to transform the practice and science of pharmacy into reality. 

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Flip the Pharmacy
Change Packages & Best Practices

The Flip the Pharmacy Coordinating Center has created multiple, monthly change packages.
If you are participating in Flip the Pharmacy Cohort 1 or Cohort 2, then this is your Month 3 Change Package on Diabetes and Social Determinants of Health.

With this month's Change Package, we are going to focus on monitoring and medication optimization as it relates to co-morbid conditions. Some of this monitoring can be done in the pharmacy with point of care testing. We will also discuss how to start offering point of care testing or improve your current services.
Flip the Pharmacy
Best Practices Webinar
Tuesday, July 13, 2021 from 1-2 p.m. EDT

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Our June Best Practices Webinar featured:
Mike Schweitzer, Bedford Drug, CPESN Iowa and
Dawn Goodwin, Kaup Pharmacy, CPESN Ohio

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Does your pharmacy or Flip the Pharmacy team have a best practice regarding diabetes care? Please email your ideas to:
COVID-19 Best Practices Website
Resources to Administer COVID Vaccine
Be sure to visit COVIDBestPractices.com/vaccines for COVID-19 vaccine preparation information and pharmacy best practices.
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