The Proactiveness of Practice Transformation
Last week, I noticed through various news outlets and social media that CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart agreed to payout in lawsuits from state and local governments a combined amount of almost 13 billion dollars. These lawsuits are... click here to read the rest of the story.
Randy McDonough, PharmD, MS, BCGP, BCPS, FAPhA
Director of Practice Transformation
Flip the Pharmacy
The Inventive Spirit Energizing
Independent Pharmacy
Within community-based pharmacy, there isn’t a lack of innovation. Innovation and inventiveness are everywhere. Most times, it is a failure to adopt the innovation with other community-based pharmacies that cause the lack of awareness across America.
Just mention the word innovation, and pharmacist Bretton Walberg gets excited to share all that is happening at Walberg Family Pharmacies. Along with his wife, Stacey, Walberg owns and operates 12 Walberg Family Pharmacies across Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio, including ones that are enrolled in the Flip the Pharmacy... click here to read his pharmacy's story of innovation (489 words).
TEAM USA Webinar Series
Attention all Graduates of the Flip the Pharmacy Program

In September, the focus of the Team USA Webinar was focused on how to maximize immunizations during the flu season. We reviewed how to utilize the Make Every Encounter Count concepts to the optimize the patient appointment in a robust medication synchronization program.  Also, we reviewed developing SOPS to ensure consistency and quality of an immunization service.  

Our future webinars will be approximately 30 minutes in length with a one pager to follow and will highlight a domain, disease state, or therapeutic topic that is trending at the time. It is to provide our graduates with practice transformation information that is easily digestible and implementable in all practices. 

Click here to register for the series.

Click here to view details from Team Leader Randy McDonough.
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Flip the Pharmacy
Workflow Wednesdays
Available to all pharmacies!

Flip the Pharmacy now supports three learning channels that provide for the development of all pharmacy team members. These channels are collectively known as Workflow Wednesdays.

Click here or the image at right to access the registration links for each episode!
Best Practice Trends - Open to pharmacists and pharmacy support staff, enjoy quick updates on trending practices and services that can be implemented and offered almost immediately within the pharmacy.
Pharmacy Services Support Staff - Training for non-pharmacist team members that is routed in the Flip the Pharmacy domains. To listen to a sample of the PS3 webinar, click here.

Max My Sync - Training on medication synchronization for the beginner to the expert. This workflow tool is necessary to be able to implement a clinical, patient care offering. To listen to a sample of the MMS webinar, click here.
Social Learning Communities
Get Connected with your Peers!

Pharmacy Services Support Staff (PS3):
This group was made FOR Pharmacy Services Support Staff BY Support Staff to learn and connect! Click here to join and engage with Support Staff Peers.
Added Benefits:
  • Posted Webinar Replays
  • Resources and related links for further information
  • Advanced opportunities within the PS3 Learning Community and Workflow Wednesdays
Max My Sync:
This group consists of Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacists, Owners, and Support Staff helping each other to grow and maximize our Med Sync and adherence programs! Click here to join and engage.
Added Benefits:
  • Posted Webinar Replays
  • Resources and related links for further information
  • Advanced opportunities within the Max My Sync Learning Community and Workflow Wednesdays
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