Congratulations to the 2022
Flip the Pharmacy Award Winners!
Team Wisconsin was the recipient of the 2022 Flip the Pharmacy Team of the Year Award. Four CPESN Wisconsin pharmacists represented Team Wisconsin. Pictured (from left): Randy McDonough and Cody Clifton representing Flip the Pharmacy, John Lemke with Streu's Pharmacy, Rebecca Augustine with Boscobel Pharmacy, Hashim Zaibak with Hayat Pharmacy, Rick Conner with Heartland Hometown Pharmacy, and Kelly Brock with the Community Pharmacy Foundation.
2022 Flip the Pharmacy Coach of the Year recipient Tammy Bullock from Team Iowa is pictured with Flip the Pharmacy Director of Practice Transformation Randy McDonough (center) and Community Pharmacy Foundation Executive Director Kelly Brock (right).
2022 Flip the Pharmacy Most Transformed Pharmacy recipient Jackson Justus, Pharmacy Manager from Owl Pharmacy in Centerville, Iowa, is pictured with his Flip the Pharmacy Coach, Cheri Schmit (left), and CPESN Iowa Executive Director Lindsey Ludwig (right).
2022 Flip the Pharmacy Pharmacy of the Year recipient Philip Rozell, co-owner of Medical Arts Pharmacy in Fayetteville, Arkansas, is pictured with Flip the Pharmacy Director of Practice Transformation Randy McDonough.
The Inventive Spirit Energizing
Independent Pharmacy
Within community-based pharmacy, there isn’t a lack of innovation. Innovation and inventiveness are everywhere. Most times, it is a failure to adopt the innovation with other community-based pharmacies that cause the lack of awareness across America.
Meet Andrea Kowalski, pharmacist, and director of clinical services at Shrivers Pharmacy, a multi-store independent pharmacy in Ohio with eight locations actively participating in Flip the Pharmacy... click here to read her pharmacy's story of innovation (330 words).
Attention all Graduates of
the Flip the Pharmacy Program

Stay engaged! Any pharmacy completing the Flip the Pharmacy program is invited to be a part of the Flip the Pharmacy Graduate Program which is aimed to keep pharmacies engaged with practice transformation.

If you are a Cohort 1 or 2 pharmacy and want to sign up, click here. You are welcome to stay with your current cohort if they are still active, join TEAM USA, or participate in both groups!

Click here to register for the series.

Click here to view details from Team Leader Randy McDonough.
If you are a Cohort 4 pharmacy click here (or the image) to view the Introductory Change Package.
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Have you heard of Flip the Pharmacy, yet haven't tried to get involved? Now is your chance!

Get started today with our Introductory Change Package. Click here (or the image) to access it. This is a great way to get into Flip the Pharmacy!

Then, find all of our Flip the Pharmacy Change Packages and practice transformation resources at FlipthePharmacy.com.
Flip the Pharmacy
Workflow Wednesdays

Available to all pharmacies!

Flip the Pharmacy now supports three learning channels that provide for the development of all pharmacy team members. These channels are collectively known as Workflow Wednesdays.
Best Practice Trends - Quick updates on trending practices and services that can be implemented and offered almost immediately.
Pharmacy Services Support Staff - Training for non-pharmacist team members that is routed in the Flip the Pharmacy domains. To listen to a sample of the PS3 webinar, click here.
Max My Sync - Training on medication synchronization for the beginner to the expert. This workflow tool is necessary to be able to implement a clinical, patient care offering. To listen to a sample of the MMS webinar, click here.
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