March 2020
Inspiration, Engagement, and Accountability
“Accountability is the glue that bonds commitment to results.” Will Craig

As we come to the end of our first progression, I have been asked by multiple colleagues what have I learned through the first six months of the Flip the Pharmacy (FtP) program.  Several themes have emerged for me—inspiration, engagement, and accountability.  First and foremost is the inspiration that participating pharmacies in FtP have provided to me. Change is not easy, it is especially not easy when your back is against the wall and you are fighting for your practice.  I am inspired by the individuals who have taken on this commitment to FtP even in the face of some of the most challenging times in our profession. They understand that the reimbursement model has changed and that they need to transform their practice to focus on quality patient care. More importantly they also feel a responsibility to their practice, to their patients, and to their communities to fight to keep their practice viable and sustainable.  

Those practices that are succeeding have done so by being engaged in the practice transformation process. They have committed resources, they attend webinars and conference calls, they meet with their coaches, and they implement the change packages.  Additionally, they have kept themselves accountable to the mission of FtP— transform pharmacy practice with patient care planning documented via eCare plan technologies .  They are achieving the target eCare plan submissions and in the process, evolving their practice so that they can provide patient care and documentation within their workflow. The more they do it, the better they become, and their patient care processes become more efficient.  

We are seeing more and more care plans being submitted to CPESN USA. We are seeing more FtP pharmacies submitting care plans—and we are excited to see pharmacies who have struggled in the past achieving their required care plan submissions. We also see that we still have pharmacies struggling to integrate change packages and care planning into their practice. We mustn’t get discouraged— it is time for all of us to recommit to practice change, engage in the FtP process, and keep each other accountable. Our work is not done, it is just beginning.  
Randy McDonough, PharmD, MS, BCGP, BCPS, FAPhA
Director of Practice Transformation, Flip the Pharmacy
Flip the Pharmacy By the Numbers
Here are the care plans submitted by Flip the Pharmacy participating pharmacies through February 29, 2020. Way to go teams!
The Flip the Pharmacy Change Package for March 2020! 
The focus for March 2020 is Domain 6: Developing the Business Model and Expressing Value.

The focus of the March Change Package is to is to help pharmacies better understand how community-based pharmacy fits in to measures that impact prescribers. Knowing this information will help pharmacies accomplish the ultimate goal of this domain, which is to better understand patient data within the pharmacy in a way that may not have considered before. In turn, the data and additional materials within the change package will help prescribers understand the pharmacy's value since they do so much more for patients than only dispensing their medications.

View the March 2020 change package by clicking the image below.
A Big "Thank You" to All of the TSPs Who Have Become Flip the Pharmacy Program Partners
Nine Pharmacist eCare Plan Technology Solutions Partners (or TSPs for short) have been officially recognized as Flip the Pharmacy Program Partners. We'd like to thank the following TSPs for all of their support:
Liberty Software
Micro Merchant Systems

Click  here   to find company descriptions and websites for all of the TSPs who are Flip the Program Partners.
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