February 2020
You Are Leading the Way for a New Generation
from Randy McDonough

Last week, in Iowa, the Iowa Pharmacy Association was holding its Legislative Days. I had the opportunity to address the attendees, which included a very large cohort of students.  What impressed me was the number of students (mostly P-1’s and P-2’s) who were aware of Flip the Pharmacy.  Then, today, I was interviewing a residency candidate who was very aware, interested, and excited about Flip the Pharmacy. For those of you who know me best, you know that I often reflect about experiences that have just encountered—well this is no different. 

The awareness and comments from these students demonstrate not only the significance that Flip the Pharmacy is having on our profession, but it also reflects the deep appreciation the students have for pharmacists who are part of this movement to transform their practices.   

One person that I frequently cite as someone who has a tremendous impact on me is Eugene White, a community pharmacist who transformed his practice to provide patient care services long before many of us entered into the profession. I think about his influence on my practice every day. In fact, much of my practice was modeled from his vision. 

As a participating Flip the Pharmacy pharmacist, you need to know that this is the type of impact you are having on a new generation of pharmacists. They look at you and what you are accomplishing with admiration, respect, and fascination. You represent the future of the profession, a new path, an exemplar. 

We are off to a good start for 2020.  Let’s keep the momentum. Our next generation of pharmacists are anxiously observing. 
Randy McDonough, PharmD, MS, BCGP, BCPS, FAPhA
Director of Practice Transformation, Flip the Pharmacy
Flip the Pharmacy By the Numbers
Here are the care plans submitted by Flip the Pharmacy participating pharmacies through January 31, 2020. Way to go teams!
The Flip the Pharmacy Change Package for February 2020! 
The focus for February 2020 is Domain 5: Establishing Working Relationships with other Care Team Members.

The focus of the February change package is to establish and foster your relationship with one of your top prescribers for your mutual patients. This is a great time introduce your capabilities to the provider for mutual patients with hypertension. As you begin to start communicating medication related problems with providers through your preferred method, you can document those interactions under the care coordination notes within the eCare Plan.

View the February 2020 change package by clicking the image below.
We are excited to share a supplemental video to this month’s Flip the Pharmacy change package!  Listen to Flip the Pharmacy leaders as they share how to utilize the February 2020 change package and all of its tools.  It will be worth your time to listen in!
Question and Feedback Process for Technology Solutions Partners about eCare Plan Documentation
This form is specific to each of the eCare Plan Technology Solutions Partners (or TSP for short). Your feedback, comments and questions will be automatically sent to the eCare Plan TSP that is selected within the form. The TSP will address during the upcoming Flip the Pharmacy Workflows Webinars.  We believe this will make the Flip the Pharmacy Workflows Webinars more meaningful. Don’t miss out on this new opportunity!

Click  here   to access the online form to submit your feedback and comments.

We had over 30 submissions for the January FtP Workflows Webinars!
ACT Update
The ACT Pharmacy Collaborative now includes 82 colleges/schools of pharmacy!

This Spring, the Collaborative is launching the ACT Patient Case Challenge . Through the Challenge, each college/school of pharmacy, including at least one faculty member and one student, is invited to design  two patient cases  within the community pharmacy setting. Cases must include  SNOMED codes  for the drug therapy problems and actions performed by the pharmacist in the case and they must  demonstrate value , either through cost savings/ROI or personal value to the patient/family. The cases are encouraged to be based on true stories, and some of the cases may serve as fuel for future Flip the Pharmacy personas.

The official kick-off of the Patient Case Challenge will be on the February 19th and 20th ACT webinars.
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Past Change Packages 
Here are the past three change packages:
  • Click here to view the January 2020 change package for Domain 4
  • Click here to view the December 2019 change package for Domain 3
  • Click here to view the November 2019 change package for Domain 2
  • Click here to view the October 2019 change package for Domain 1
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