Burn the Ships!

I have heard this phrase throughout my lifetime and as I looked into where the phrase originated, I found several different references: a Spanish Conquistador, the Vikings, and even biblical connections. In all instances, though, the meaning of “Burn the Ships” is that you cannot go back. You must press forward into the unknown. You have passed the point of no return

I thought about this phrase a lot as I look at community-based pharmacy transformation... (click here for Randy's full article).
Randy McDonough, PharmD, MS, BCGP, BCPS, FAPhA
Director of Practice Transformation, Flip the Pharmacy
Flip the Pharmacy Progression Pivot

The Community Pharmacy Foundation has once again approved a pivot within the planned progressions so that Flip the Pharmacy participants and followers will benefit with focusing on Immunizations for the next few months (instead of immunizations and diabetes. This comes after CDC's decision to select CPESN USA as a Federal Pharmacy Partner (network administrator) of the COVID-19 Vaccination Program. Click here to read more.

We are hopeful that the majority of Flip the Pharmacy participating pharmacies regardless of network administrator will offer COVID-19 vaccinations within their community. Flip the Pharmacy will focus on providing immunization best practices and helping pharmacies become comfortable with the requirements put forth by the CDC. In the event that pharmacies choose not to participate in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program, Flip the Pharmacy will be providing resources for improving immunizations and the tools to implement within workflow.
"We Make a Difference!"
Ed Hudon from The Medicine Shoppe and Team Pennsylvania shares his thoughts on being just one month into Flip the Pharmacy and reaching 450+ eCare Plans! (It's just one minute long.)
Flip the Pharmacy
Change Packages and Best Practices
Click here to Access
The November Flip the Pharmacy Immunizations Change Package can be reviewed by clicking here. November marks the beginning of the immunizations progression for the next few months! This is very timely as community pharmacies will soon be on the front lines helping out with the public health initiative with making sure members of our communities are immunized against current diseases and COVID-19.
Change Package Focus Overview
  1. Proactively assessing patients for immunizations (and possibly offering immunization scheduling and filling out the consent form ahead of time)
  2. Identifying and enrolling patients into med sync – focus on diabetes patients for your target population
We were excited to partner with CPESN pharmacists Deborah Bowers and Cheri Schmit to produce this change package.
Flip the Pharmacy Best Practices
Does your pharmacy or
Flip the Pharmacy team have
a best practice regarding immunizations? We love to showcase those on our Flip the Pharmacy Best Practices website. Please email your ideas to:

Click here to view the best practices shared within the Opioid progression to date.
Click here or the image above to see what Team Pennsylvania did with their Year 1 numbers to share with others!
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Best of the Flip the Pharmacy Blog

Click here to enjoy a post from Stephanie McGrath with Team Pennsylvania and PPCN which features Alex Lavella from Hilltop Pharmacy, a Flip the Pharmacy site in Pittsburgh. Her blog post is entitled "These are my patients and I care about them deeply."
Flip the Pharmacy in the News

Team West Virginia coach Krista Capehart was honored with by the Pharmacist Moms Group with the Woman Pharmacist of the Year award. Click here to see the coverage.

Randy McDonough, Flip the Pharmacy's Director of Practice Transformation and co-owner of Towncrest Pharmacy, was the winner of the 2020 Next Generation Pharmacist Awards in the Patient Care Provider category. Click here to see all of the winners.
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