August 2019
Welcome to the first Flip the Pharmacy update! Thank you for your interest. 
We will use this newsletter to update you with the latest activities.
Applications for Year 1, Cohort 1 open until August 12th 
As a reminder, applications for the first year cohort of Flip the Pharmacy (FtP) Practice Transformation Team (PTT) funding is August 12th at 11:59 PM PDT. There are two open webinars upcoming to provide technical assistance to prospective applicants. They are:
  • Wednesday (tomorrow), July 31, 2019 from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
  • Tuesday, August 6, 2019 from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
The FtP program applications for Cohort 2 will reopen in summer 2020. 
A fresh approach
Just a reminder that this program will be unique in a number of ways to the pharmacy world. (But, it is well founded in other professional fields with implementation efforts.)

We will focus on implementation - This is not a research program or an effort to create new intellectual property or innovation. It is an implementation project where we will identify best practices from innovative pharmacies and package them for adoption across the country to scale pharmacy transformation. 

We will be SMART driven - We will use objective data to measure progress of the Program, Teams and Pharmacies. Smart. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Timely. We will strive to provide data back to the pharmacies about their performance and activities as frequently as weekly.

We will be agile - Though this is a two-year program and the six domains have been identified, the 24-monthly modules, workflows and activities for each will not be defined or published until the month prior. The same will apply for pharmacy milestones, the type and measurement goals published the month prior. We will learn from our Practice Transformation Teams, our pharmacies and our Subject Matter Experts as we go. We will not assume we know everything ahead of time and we will listen to our participants. We are here for them, they are not here for us. 

We will be open and social - we will share our learnings in near-real time and we will utilize the awardees to generate content to share.  The website was designed to be an outlet for social media and program updates. PTT Team Leads, Subject Matter Experts and participating network pharmacies will all be posting regularly about their experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly) without filters. You can learn and follow along right with the program by following us:
  • Twitter: @flipthepharmacy
  • Instagram: @flipthepharmacy
Thanks to the NCPA Innovation Center and Parata for being our first Program Partners
Thanks to Parata for providing the resources and technical assistance to build out the FtP application site. It is SO helpful to have an all electronic, menu driven, automated application site. We have already had more than 100 partially completed applications and managing the workflow without an elegant awards management system would have been a challenge. Thanks, Parata!

Thank you to the NCPA Innovation Center for helping spread the word about FtP and for conducting related education programs at summer meetings and the upcoming NCPA 2019 Annual Convention. Your engagement, experience, and expertise will be critical to the success of the program, teams and pharmacies.
We've received numerous inquiries to become a Program Partner or Network Partner 
We've had a number of organizations reach out to ask how to support the Program (global) or Network (teams). That's awesome! We purposefully designed the program to allow for timely modifications and of course, involving partners to help over time. Partnership could be a simple as being a sponsor and providing dollars for PTT Teams to matching funds, to supplying personnel to be Practice Transformation Coaches to best practices identification, to providing technical assistance on measurement, or eCare Plan standards, or even students, residents, and fellows. If you want to help join the effort, just email us at
For more information on global Program Sponsorship funding or Program Partnership contributions, go to  
Starting to develop change package modules
The Change Package will be an expanding syllabus of content focused on the six practice transformation domains. This is the week we start building the first Monthly Module in the 2-year Change Package. Day one of the first year, first cohort of FtP will be October 1, 2019. Our goal will be to release the first module: Leveraging the Appointment-Based Model by mid-September. Feel free to chime in on ideas and best practices by emailing  The Change Package will be implemented consistently to the Participating Network Pharmacies by the Practice Transformation Team coaches. It will also be released publicly for common use so that scalable transformation happens within the funded Practice Transformation Teams as well as broadly nationwide. Please sign up for the Ftp Update to track development of the Change Package releases. 
Our first milestones will be released in the same time frame and will very likely involve generating a certain number of care plans during the medication synchronization / appointment-based model (ABM) process. There are now 13 technology solution providers with care planning user interfaces and the ability to utilize the HL7 eCare Plan standard. As the participants develop and practice their workflows, the practice transformation coaches will measure their progress and provide feedback. For more information about technology options, visit .
Commitment from Troy to Shave His Head
Troy Trygstad, our Program Director, has committed to shaving his head if there are 20 or more fully or partially funded Practice Transformation Teams in the first round of FtP.  How do we make that happen? By securing Network Partners! When PTT applicants can partner with associations, schools of pharmacy, wholesalers, GPOs, PSAOs, QIOs, and others, that allows the applicants to submit a more economical budget. 25% of the application scoring is based exclusively on cost per pharmacy supported. We anticipate first year awards to range from small amounts of $10-20K to larger amounts of $80-120K. The more well resourced $10-20K applicants we get – the more PTTs we get. Let's make it happen!
Report Out from AACP - Expo in Chicago
The Community Pharmacy Foundation (CPF), visit, and the FtP team had the opportunity to speak in two sessions at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy earlier this month. CPF also hosted an Expo booth. Wow! There were a lot of schools interested in the FtP effort as well as the sister effort to get schools to collaborate with each other on CPESN projects, like the Academia-CPESN Transformation ( ).

There seems to be a renewed energy and realization by many that the sustainability and health of schools of pharmacy and community-based pharmacy practice are more intertwined and co-dependant than previously recognized. Also, there seems to be a lot of junior faculty with a particular focus on community pharmacy practice evolution and they are jumping in with the FtP, ACT, and the CPESN movement ( ).
We will shoot for sending monthly updates, but will see what happens with social media, and other outlets and timing. If you have feedback to drive timing or content of the updates, or even questions about the program, feel free to email us at: