October 2019
Flip the Pharmacy is a GO for LAUNCH! 
The multi-year Flip the Pharmacy program launched on October 1st! Flip the Pharmacy aims to transform community-based pharmacies away from filling prescriptions at a moment in time to caring for patients over time. Flip the Pharmacy Practice Transformation Teams will act as implementation arms for locally-based community pharmacy practice transformation efforts
Program Goals
Over the next 5-years, the Flip the Pharmacy program plans to graduate more than 1,000 pharmacies – and impact more than 5,000 – from a two-year transformation process.

Over the intensive two-year experience, each participating pharmacy will be served by a Practice Transformation Team that will be focused on implementing the Flip the Pharmacy Change Package.

The first cohort covers all regions of the country and the Flip the Pharmacy Teams have committed to engaging and deploying more than 140 Practice Transformation Coaches to more than 500 pharmacies across the country to implement the six key transformation domains supported at the pharmacy-level by transformation coaches (see domains at  www.flipthepharmacy.com ). 
Flip the Pharmacy Teams
Here are the 27 teams participating in the Flip the Pharmacy initiative:
Team California
Team Colorado
Team Florida
Team Georgia
Team Greater Appalachian Transformation Effort (GATE)
Team Hawaii
Team Illinois Community Pharmacy Enhanced Network
Team Iowa
Team Kansas
Team Louisiana
Team Michigan
Team Minnesota
Team Mississippi
Team Missouri Pharmacists Association
Team NC Mutual CPESN (North Carolina)
Team Nebraska Enhanced Services Pharmacies
Team New Jersey
Team Ohio
Team PPOK-RxSelect 
Team Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network  
Team South Carolina
Team South Dakota
Team Tennessee
Team Texas
Team Washington
Team WPQC powered by PSW/CPESNWI (Wisconsin)
Team Wyoming supported by North Star Pharmacy and Infusion
Primary Coaching Activities this Month
Coaches will be introducing themselves and walking through an Initial Assessment to discover where they are well prepared for patient-level, longitudinal care and where they are not. Coaches will make their initial introductions to the participating pharmacies and work with the pharmacy champion to review their pharmacy self-assessment of patient-level, longitudinal care capabilities. They will also work with the pharmacies this month to weave in care planning to the monthly medication synchronization process. They have a goal of 25 per pharmacy and a stretch goal of 50. Fingers crossed, it's our first milestone of the project!
The Flip the Pharmacy Change Package for October 2019 
The change package is  an implementation guide which is intended to help pharmacies build the care planning process into pharmacy workflow.  Each month will focus on a different domain so that each of the six domains are covered through four progressions for the total of 24 months, or the two-year cohort. 

The focus for November is Domain 2, Improving patient follow-up and monitoring. Flip the Pharmacy participating teams will receive the  Workflow Wednesdays  email with the next change package on the last business day prior to the next month (For November, you will receive the change package on October 31st). The Change Package will also be publicly posted on the Flip the Pharmacy website  https://www.flipthepharmacy.com/change-packages .

The change package for October is extensive, but the Flip the Pharmacy leadership team and subject matter experts believe that a firm base is necessary to begin transforming practice. Our promise to you is that the next change package in November will be more condensed.

View the October 2019 change package by clicking the image below.
Get in on the ACT!
The ACT (Academia-CPESN Transformation) Pharmacy Collaborative
The ACT (Academia-CPESN Transformation) Pharmacy Collaborative arose from the idea that schools/colleges of pharmacy and CPESN networks can accomplish more together than they could accomplish alone. The purpose of the Collaborative is to establish successful partnerships between schools/colleges of pharmacy and community pharmacy-based clinically integrated networks. The ultimate goal of the collaborative is to support the transformation of community-based pharmacy practice from a product-based model to a patient-centered care delivery model.

Schools/colleges of pharmacy are invited to join the collaborative by submitting a Dean’s Statement of Commitment and designating an ACT Faculty Champion. 59 schools/colleges of pharmacy have joined, so far . Click  here to see the impressive list!

Check out the list to see what schools/colleges of pharmacy in your region are committed to supporting CPESN pharmacies. The collaborative is planning a National Day of Service initiative, has launched a social media campaign, and will compile results of Legislative Day events across the country. The collaborative will also host open forums at upcoming conferences including the NCPA Annual Convention on October 28th at 8 a.m. at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina, Room Temecula 2 . We hope to see you there!
ACT National Day of Service for Students and CPESN Pharmacies
The ACT National Day of Service is a nationwide initiative in which students from schools/colleges of pharmacy across the country will join with a participating CPESN pharmacy location(s) to support advanced pharmacist/pharmacy care services. National Day of Service events may take place any day(s) from November 1st -16th 2019 depending on the availability of the participating pharmacies and students. Students will be asked to document, through an online form, information about each Day of Service event including how many students attended, how many patients they were able to meet, and what impact they felt they were able to make. If you want your pharmacy to be a part of this National Day of Service, contact the ACT Faculty lead at your nearest school/college of pharmacy listed  here . Click  here to learn more.

If you are a CPESN pharmacy, make sure you are on the  CPESN pharmacy locator so that schools/colleges of pharmacy can find you!
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