November 2019
Flip the Pharmacy is Off and Running! 
The energy and excitement for Flip the Pharmacy continues to grow—not only for our network partners and participating pharmacies, but for other stakeholders who recognize the value and importance of community-based pharmacy.  The messages and success stories we are hearing are positive, meaningful, and impactful. It is exciting to be part of this historical profession-changing initiative.  

Community-based pharmacy is having an impact on patient care that is not only meaningful, but now documented. We need to celebrate our early success, but also understand that our practice transformation work is just beginning. Keep up the momentum!

Please see below for where we are with some major milestones:
  •  28 Practice Transformation Teams have commenced their work
  • 15 more than our goal!
  • 8 Teams are funded externally to the Community Pharmacy Foundation
  • 5 more than our goal!
  • 562 Pharmacies have signed the FtP Participation Agreement as of October 28th 
  • 150 more than our goal!
  • 204 Coaches have been trained and are now visiting pharmacies and conducting initial assessments 
  • 100 more coaches than our goal!
  • As of October 28th, we achieved a 210% increase in number of care plans submitted per day from September 2019 to October 2019
  • Note: October 1st was the Flip the Pharmacy launch date for pharmacies to submit care plans
Flip the Pharmacy Featured on the Big Stage during the NCPA Annual Convention!
Flip the Pharmacy was front and center in many conversations during NCPA Annual Convention in San Diego last month. Click here to see Community Pharmacy Foundation Board Member, Matt Osterhaus, sharing the Flip the Pharmacy initiative with NCPA CEO Doug Hoey and the audience during the event's second General Session.
Primary Coaching Activities this Month
Coaches will be following up with pharmacies about how workflow implementation is going and eCare plan documentation. Additionally, coaches and leads should be preparing before their next site visit by reviewing their previous notes (e.g., coach’s on-site assessment) from the first site visit. This will allow the Team Lead and Coaches to assess what level of resources should be dedicated to each of the practice sites.
The Flip the Pharmacy Change Package for November 2019 
The focus for November 2019 is Domain 2: Improving Patient Follow-up and Monitoring. Flip the Pharmacy participating teams received the  Workflow Wednesdays  email with the November change package on October 31st. The Change Package will also be publicly posted on the Flip the Pharmacy website . You can also click for a direct link.

View the November 2019 change package by clicking the image below.
ACT National Day of Service for Students and CPESN Pharmacies
The ACT National Day of Service is a nationwide initiative in which students from schools/colleges of pharmacy across the country will join with a participating CPESN pharmacy location(s) to support advanced pharmacist/pharmacy care services. National Day of Service events may take place any day(s) from November 1st -16th 2019 depending on the availability of the participating pharmacies and students. Students will be asked to document, through an online form, information about each Day of Service event including how many students attended, how many patients they were able to meet, and what impact they felt they were able to make. If you want your pharmacy to be a part of this National Day of Service, contact the ACT Faculty lead at your nearest school/college of pharmacy listed  here . Click  here to learn more.
Flip the Pharmacy Care Plan Data Summary
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