January 2020
Flip the Pharmacy Program off to an Amazing Start
from Randy McDonough

“A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” Colin Powell
As many of you have heard me say, Flip the Pharmacy is not an evolution of community-based pharmacy, but rather a revolution. I say this because evolution is a gradual change whereas revolution is defined as a forcible overthrow for an entirely new system—it is drastic, disruptive, far-reaching, and momentous change. Flip the Pharmacy is hard work and is disruptive and all of us who have been transforming our pharmacies know that the work is hard, challenging and even frustrating at times. We also know that it can become the most meaningful work of our careers. 

I sometimes have to take a step back from my practice to appreciate how far we have come. It is far too easy for me to get focused on the day-to-day struggles of our practice such as increasing DIR fees, reduction in product reimbursement, and increased and intense competition from new competitors to the marketplace.  By taking the step back, I can see the impact we are having on our patients by providing clinical services including follow up and monitoring.  We continue to make approximately 2,000 clinical interventions monthly between our two pharmacies. These clinical interventions are helping our patients optimize their mediations, achieve therapeutic outcomes, and helping them become informed consumers of their own health care. This has led to new collaborative working relationships with other providers and being part of the health care team.  It has also led to new revenue streams related to our patient care, clinical services, and value-based payments. So much so that it is now what keeps our pharmacy profitable year after year. 

The work that has been achieved with Flip the Pharmacy in 2019 is nothing more than phenomenal. We cannot rest on our laurels as there is so much more to achieve. It can seem daunting at times—even impossible—but, every day that I step into the pharmacy is another day for me to help my practice move forward. It’s about having positive attitude, a vision for the future, and a willingness, drive, and determination to make is possible.  

I look forward to the success of Flip the Pharmacy in 2020. The revolution of community-based pharmacy has taken hold!! We can no longer look back!!!
Randy McDonough, PharmD, MS, BCGP, BCPS, FAPhA
Director of Practice Transformation, Flip the Pharmacy
In the first three months of the Flip the Pharmacy program, participating pharmacies submitted 47,738 care plans, an average of 84 care plans per pharmacy over the three month period. Here is the breakdown by month.
The Flip the Pharmacy Change Package for January 2020! 
The focus for January 2020 is Domain 4: Optimizing the Utilization of Technology and electronic Care Plans. Flip the Pharmacy participating teams received the  Workflow Wednesdays  email with the December change package on December 30th. All Change Packages are publicly posted on the Flip the Pharmacy website www.flipthepharmacy.com . You can also click  https://www.flipthepharmacy.com/change-packages for a direct link.

View the January 2020 change package by clicking the image below.
Question and Feedback Process for Technology Solutions Partners about eCare Plan Documentation
This form is specific to each of the eCare Plan Technology Solutions Partners (or TSP for short). Your feedback, comments and questions will be automatically sent to the eCare Plan TSP that is selected within the form. The TSP will address during the upcoming Flip the Pharmacy Workflows Webinars.  We believe this will make the Flip the Pharmacy Workflows Webinars more meaningful. Don’t miss out on this new opportunity!

Click  here   to access the online form to submit your feedback and comments.
Past Change Packages 
Here are the past three change packages:
  • Click here to view the December 2019 change package for Domain 3
  • Click here to view the November 2019 change package for Domain 2
  • Click here to view the October 2019 change package for Domain 1
Flip the Pharmacy Change Package Editorial Calendar
A draft version of the Flip the Pharmacy Change Package Editorial Calendar is displayed below. Even though this will develop more over time, we believe this will help begin to provide a better vision for what is to come in the change package. Next month, we will provide an updated version.
ACT National Day of Service Results
An infographic summarizing the success of the first-ever ACT National Day of Service is displayed below. Way to go!
To learn more about ACT, visit www.actforpharmacy.com .
Flip the Pharmacy In the News!
Pharmacy Times Assistant Editor, Jennifer Nessel, recaps an overview of Flip the Pharmacy in her recent article, "Flip the Pharmacy Initiative Aims to Transform Community Pharmacy." Click here to read the entire article.

Flip the Pharmacy participating pharmacist, Jennifer Palazzolo (owner of  Flatirons Family Pharmacy  in Longmont, Colorado) was featured in a recent Drug Topics article entitled, "How Pharmacists Alleviate Primary Care Shortages." Click here to read the article.

Flip the Pharmacy participating pharmacists Tim Mitchell and Paula Boettler (from Mitchell's Drug Store in Neosho, Missouri) were featured in a December The Business of Pharmacy Podcast. Click here to check it out!
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