MARCH 2021
The Little Engine that Could

The other day, Towncrest Pharmacy received a text from Dave Wilson, the Director of our County’s Emergency Management Agency (see picture). We had just finished a two-day COVID-19 vaccination clinic, in which we vaccinated 1,146 individuals. The clinic was held in Solon, Iowa, a town that boasts a population of just under 3,000 citizens that—much like Towncrest Pharmacy— "wrestles way above their weight." 

We found out on Thursday, February 18th that 1,170 doses of Pfizer Vaccine were being shipped to us from the CPESN USA Federal Retail Pharmacy Program. The challenge was that we had to have an 80% burn-rate in seven days and 100% in ten days. That is when the “little engine” left the station. Click here for the rest of the article. 
Randy McDonough, PharmD, MS, BCGP, BCPS, FAPhA
Director of Practice Transformation, Flip the Pharmacy
The Perfect Blend

Most everyone is up for a great cup of coffee. At Mac’s Pharmacy, they aren’t serving hot brew, but they have figured out the perfect blend to ensure practice transformation success. Matt Crawford, PharmD, is the Flip the Pharmacy Champion for Mac’s Pharmacy and leads their practice transformation effort. He said that he’s blessed with three things that make it work: An owner who is supportive, a coach who is brilliant, and a team that is willing to listen and try something new. Click here for the rest of the article.
COVID-19 Best Practices Website
Resources to Administer COVID Vaccine
Be sure to visit for COVID-19 vaccine preparation information and pharmacy best practices.
Flip the Pharmacy
Change Packages & Best Practices

The Flip the Pharmacy Coordinating Center has created multiple, monthly change packages organized into groups:
If you are participating in Flip the Pharmacy Cohort 1 or Cohort 2, then this is your Month 5 Change Package on Immunizations.

This month’s change package focuses on developing and growing your immunization business. The baseline workflow provides tips for growing your immunization program through targeted interventions and outreach. 

The advanced workflow gives information on how to establish medical billing capabilities (i.e. billing Medicare for certain immunizations) or expand to other payers. This foundational information is very important as community pharmacy continues to push into the medical billing space.
Flip the Pharmacy
Best Practices Webinar
Tuesday, April 13, 2021 from 1-2 p.m. EST
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Click here to listen to the recording of the March webinar.

Does your pharmacy or Flip the Pharmacy team have a best practice regarding immunizations? Please email your ideas to:

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