Our Time Has Come

Over the past few weeks, the staff at Towncrest Pharmacy provided COVID-19 vaccinations to community-based health workers as part of our Phase 1A efforts for our county. During the early weeks of the pandemic we had reached out to our county’s emergency management agency (EMA) to see how we could be part of the community-wide response. This was... (click here for Randy's full article).
Randy McDonough, PharmD, MS, BCGP, BCPS, FAPhA
Director of Practice Transformation, Flip the Pharmacy
COVID-19 Best Practices Website
Resources to Administer COVID Vaccine
Be sure to visit COVIDBestPractices.com/vaccines for COVID-19 vaccine preparation information and pharmacy best practices.
Flip the Pharmacy Awards
Nominations Now Being Accepted
We are excited to announce that we have opened nominations for three inaugural awards for the Flip the Pharmacy program! These awards are intended to recognize exemplary performance from Cohort 1 participants across key categories:
Pharmacy of the Year Award is given to a participating pharmacy from each Cohort that exhibits an exemplary commitment to transforming their practice model and supporting the overall purpose of Flip the Pharmacy

Team of the Year Award is given to a funded team from each cohort that exhibits an exemplary commitment to supporting its participating pharmacies and supporting the overall purpose of Flip the Pharmacy

Technology Solutions Partner of the Year Award is given to a technology provider that exhibits an exemplary commitment to providing necessary technology resources to support pharmacy practice transformation and the overall purpose of Flip the Pharmacy
Individuals may nominate their pharmacies, their teams or others through this nomination form. Deadline is Sunday, January 31, 2021.
Flip the Pharmacy
Change Packages & Best Practices

The Flip the Pharmacy Coordinating Center has created multiple, monthly change packages organized into groups:
If you are participating in Flip the Pharmacy Cohort 1 or Cohort 2, then this is your Month 3 Change Package on Immunizations.

This edition highlights the documentation and follow-up necessary for a successful immunization practice. It includes reporting to the immunization registry with your state.

Click the image at right to check it out.
Flip the Pharmacy Best Practices Webinar
Tuesday, January 12, 2021 from 1-2 p.m. EST
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Does your pharmacy or Flip the Pharmacy team have a best practice regarding immunizations? We love to showcase those on our Flip the Pharmacy Best Practices website. Please email your ideas to:

Click here to view the best practices shared.
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Best of the Flip the Pharmacy Blog

Click here to enjoy a blog post entitled, "War is Coming" from Connor Bowers, CPESN Ohio Resident at Ohio Northern University and the Jackson Pharmacy & Wellness Center.
Flip the Pharmacy in the News

The Flip the Pharmacy program was featured in a recent article in Pharmacy Today by Loren Bonner. Click here to the entire story.

Pharmacist Ashli Yoder and Norland Avenue Pharmacy, a Flip the Pharmacy participating pharmacy in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania was featured in a recent article in Drug Topics. Click here to read the full article.
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