MAY 2020
Unprecedented Times... Unwavering Commitment to our Patients and our Communities

As our country continues to deal with the COVID-19 Pandemic, community pharmacists must prepare for a “new” normal as businesses start to open, people venture out from their homes, and the health care system adjusts to patients coming back to their appointments. This new normal means that until a vaccine is produced, social distancing, frequent hand washing, and use of personal protective equipment becomes part of our daily professional lives. This is just one aspect of our “new” normal.

Another part of our “new” normal professionally is continuing to push our professional agenda to be recognized as health care providers, valued because of the services we provide to our patients, integrated as part of the health care team, and paid appropriately for the care we provide.  The best way to “push” our agenda is to demonstrate our value through the patient care services we provide daily.  This is how we establish our value—by patients, health care providers, and payers experiencing our patient care initiatives first hand. By experiencing it, they can establish the "value" it provides them. 

This is why practice transformation and Flip the Pharmacy are essential to establishing our “new” normal.  Our practices have to be ready to perform, perform consistently, and perform with quality.  The performance is the provision of enhanced services to our patients and care coordination with other providers. The metric that best measures this performance is the eCare Plan as it documents our patient care activities.

We will be starting our next progression on June 1.  The progression is focused on opioid stewardship and appropriate management of patients.  It is important that we are prepared for this progression.  We have made significant changes/improvements in the monthly change packages to improve the implementation of the different domains of practice transformation. This should translate to increased numbers of eCare Plans submitted by each pharmacy—which should become our “new” normal. 
Randy McDonough, PharmD, MS, BCGP, BCPS, FAPhA
Director of Practice Transformation, Flip the Pharmacy
Flip the Pharmacy
Opioid-Focused Change Packages
The Flip the Pharmacy Coordinating Center is excited to be launching the second progression of the program, which is focused on opioids.  All CPESN pharmacies are encouraged to follow along with the opioid-focused Change Packages.  The first Change Package will be posted to the Flip the Pharmacy website on May 30.
Flip the Pharmacy
Workflows Webinar Recordings
Flip the Pharmacy Workflows webinars in partnership with the Technology Solutions Partners will return in May! They will occur during the weeks of May 18 and May 25. 

The Flip the Pharmacy Coordinating Center will be sharing the eCare Plan case demonstration recordings for the first Opioid Change Package this week. These were previously recorded – we are hoping this will allow the pharmacies to review prior to the webinars, so they can come with questions.
COVID-19 Change Packages
COVID-19 Change Package #3 - Helping guide community pharmacies in applying for a CLIA Waiver. Click the image (at right).

COVID-19 Change Package #2 -
Providing a stepwise, workflow approach for triaging patients suspected of having COVID-19 and to develop a care plan for those patients. Click here .

COVID-19 Change Package #1 -
Protecting pharmacy staff and patients during the pandemic. Click here .
Flip the Pharmacy By the Numbers
Here are the care plans submitted by Flip the Pharmacy participating pharmacies for the First Progression (October 2019 – April 2020).

According to the raw data, over 111,000 care plans were submitted by the Flip the Pharmacy participating pharmacies in seven months! That is an average of ~200 care plans per pharmacy! We are super proud of these pharmacies who are caring for their patients and documenting the encounters to help paint the picture of the care they provide.
Flip the Pharmacy
Cohort 2 Application Submission Window
We are 30 days out from the Flip the Pharmacy Cohort 2 application submission window of early June 2020 to August 2020. If you are interested in participating in the second cohort of Flip the Pharmacy, start recruiting pharmacies, partners, and sponsors and get your team ready!
Past Flip the Pharmacy
Change Packages 
Here are the first six change packages:
  • Click here to view the March 2020 change package for Domain 6
  • Click here to view the February 2020 change package for Domain 5
  • Click here to view the January 2020 change package for Domain 4
  • Click here to view the December 2019 change package for Domain 3
  • Click here to view the November 2019 change package for Domain 2
  • Click here to view the October 2019 change package for Domain 1
Join the Flip the Pharmacy Movement
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