A Note from Scott and Marsha
November 5, 2020
We made it! We all survived October, and now we gear up for flying into the holidays. So many good things to look forward to with a hopeful outlook. Who’s ready for a new year? We are! 

We love to give updates about fun things happening. One update is about our neighbors, Dan and Sally. RestorePro has been working on the trusses and roof for their home! It’s wonderful to see action for them. While they probably won’t be in for the holidays, we are hoping for shortly after. They have been living down the street in a rental and are starting to think about all the needs regarding moving back in once it is complete. If you have not had a chance to help Dan and Sally by donating through our GofundMe page, please consider doing so.  Regardless of all that goes into setting up a home devastated by fire, they continue to have a positive outlook and smile daily.  We know they will need more than we raised, but they are grateful for every penny they have received in donations thus far. 

Our second update is in regards to FGS! Last week, we happened to be at the garden center with the staff for a meeting. We were chatting it up and discussing the fact that in two weeks, Christmas trees, wreaths, garland and poinsettias arrive. We are a bit shell-shocked at the reality. Flipping the space is quite a process, and let’s be honest. We are all a bit tired. LOL! But as we sat there, I looked across the lake to ponder this reality and blink. Wait. Who is in the canoe? In the middle of the lake? And why? Of course. It was John with a purpose--checking the air lines that keep the pond healthy, talking to the fish or maybe feeding the ducks and turtles... I want his job! 

Speaking of jobs, we are hiring for multiple positions. Check it out here. If you like to be outdoors, love plants, don’t mind getting dirty and overall love being on a team, we may have what you are looking for. We have a lot of fun helping you bring green home. And every day is a new adventure!
The Holidays are COMING!!
Are you decorating for the holidays early this year? Christmas trees, wreaths, garland and poinsettias arrive Monday, November 16!! Wwwwhhhhaaaatttt?!
Cue the Christmas music!!
As the weather changes, The Potting Shed days and hours have changed!
The Potting Shed is open Friday-Sunday 12-5PM.
Scheffleras are a popular houseplant. You may recognize the name "Umbrella Plant" (Schefflera Arbicola). They are easy to care for and maintain. Place them where they can receive medium to bright light and make sure they are not over-watered. Allow the soil to dry out, and then water completely, but do not allow roots to sit in water. We love the Arboricola varieties, but also have the Amate in stock as well. Different sizes are available!
The Osmanthus Fragrans is most loved for its fall-blooming sweet-smelling tiny flowers. You may know of this shrub by its more common names, Tea Olive or Fragrant Tea Olive. Whatever you call it, you will also be delighted by the dense, evergreen foliage. We love that this variety is drought-resistant, making it ideal for our hot and sometimes dry summers. The Osmanthus Fragrans can grow up to 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide!
Our staff has spent a lot of time choosing practical and beautiful combinations for our pansy planters. We choose companion plants that will do well in part-shade to full-sun (pansies like to receive at least 4 fours of sun per day). There are many color combinations to choose from, so come select your pansy planter (or two) today! Make sure to keep your planters watered well and dead-head spent blooms to encourage growth.
Saturday, November 21, 10:00am-11:00am
Make your home fragrant and festive by bringing green indoors for the Holidays. Debbi Barrett, our staff floral designer, will demonstrate simple and elegant ways to decorate with fresh greenery to add holiday scent and beauty to your home.
Not crafty? It’s ok. We will show you how easy it is to dress up your decor and give your home that holiday magazine look without “breaking the bank”! The cost is $20 and we will send you home with a pair of pruners, a greenery branch and pinecones to get you started on your decorating experience. Space is limited and these classes will fill up fast!
Presenter: Debbi Barrett/FGS Plant Coach Register here today!
Sunday, November 22, 2:00-4:00pm
Join us on Sunday November 22nd from 2-4pm as we welcome Sterling Scott to the Garden Center. The Cheesecake Lady food truck will be here 1-4PM. You can enjoy a drink from The Potting Shed as you sit back and relax while he plays his guitar to artists such as Elton John and Ed Sheeran. Our Christmas trees, wreaths, garland and poinsettias will be here too. Come make a day of it! There is no cost for this event.

Boost your Christmas Spirit by decorating a live wreath to adorn your entryway this holiday season. Our floral designer will teach you everything you need to know to decorate a fresh Fraser Fir wreath to reflect your own personal style that is perfect for your home. The cost is $45 and includes design and style instruction, wreath, red velvet bow, live and artificial embellishments. Space is limited and these classes will fill up fast!
Presenter: Debbi Barrett/FGS Plant Coach 
Click on the class date and time listed above to register!
It is November...so you know what that means! Your Lawn and Garden To Do List is ready!

As you prepare the house for the holidays, don't forget that houseplants need an occasional cleaning as well. Now is a great time since the amount of sun they receive will be less in the winter. If you aren't sure how or why to clean your houseplants, you will want to read this post.
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