July 2017 Update  # .0017
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~ Build Phase Year Two ~
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JULY Notes:

Before proceeding with Mustang tinwork, it was decided that areas of the fiberglass Mustang body will need to be reinforced, to prevent premature cracking. So, the first step was to carefully flip the stang body. Thanks to taller friends; Dave, Joe, Mike and Bill, it was successfully rotated. Fiberglass is a period correct body material. Due to the effects of heat and vibration over time, they will develop cracks. Left Photo : Mustang before reinforcements. Right Photo: Nova with complete understructure.

Rod made a body dolly that can be easily adjusted to fit both cars. The Nova is now in primer and returning to the shop soon. Above Photo: Nova shown at the body shop, before its make-over.

Only two pre-paint trailer upgrades remain. Rod is in the process of adding a window to the front of the trailer, which will be the future lounge/meeting/changing area. He'll be removing most of the original framework, not only to accommodate the new window, but also improve the structural integrity of the fifth wheel nose.

This past weekend, Kenny, Jessica, Ella and Denny visited for another fun team work/bonding session. The perfect way to wrap up July! Above Photo: Jessica unbolted the old access doors & removed hardware with Rod's assistance.

Below Photo: PM Nitro Team transport vehicles.


Rod & Jill took a brief break from the team projects and careers, to visit Old Town Alexandria  and  Americas Historic Triangle.- Williamsburg, Yorktown & Jamestown Virginia. ~Williamsburg is where our founding fathers formed the Declaration of Independence. (also where Blackbeard's crew was jailed) ~Yorktown is where the final battle that secured liberty and independence, for the citizens of the new nation, was fought. ~Jamestown is the original site of the first permanent English settlement in the New World.

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