I woke up to daffodils blooming and snow swirling this morning. I'm going to enjoy it while I can because in just 13 days, I'm moving to sunny South Carolina! Can you believe it? After all these years of wishing for it, I've finally found the sweetest little house. I hope Spooky forgives me for the 3-day trip, but I think he will love his new sewing room as much as I will! It's getting hard to find anything with all these boxes, but Spooks and I dug out the Spring Quilt this morning. I thought it was the perfect project to keep me motivated, as I'm really looking forward to all the pretty flowers in my new yard! You might giggle to know that I just found out my beloved Wisteria is considered a weed in SC. What kind of craziness is that? I'm still bringing some with me!! 😜
I'm pretty sure all the flowers in the Spring Quilt are not weeds! This set has 6 main squares featuring pansies, bluebells, daffodils, lilies, periwinkle, and tulips. It also has borders and corners to coordinate with each flower. You can use the blocks to make whatever size quilt you want, along with matching pillows.
You can also use the blocks to make bags of all sizes, or whatever other pretty thing you want! Instructions to make the little daffodil bag (above, right) are included in the set. And you guessed it - the Spring Quilt is on sale 'cause I know we're all ready for spring!
The main blocks in the Spring Quilt are pieced in the hoop. If you haven't tried this technique yet, take a look at the Pansy Pillow. This simple little project is made with just one embroidery design, and it can be finished in an afternoon. I can't wait to display this pretty pillow in my new house! The Pansy Pillow is on sale, so give it a try!
While I was packing, I found a few Pansy Pillow Kits, and I'd really love to send one to you before I move! These leftover class kits include the fabric, trim, batting, and stabilizer to complete a pillow almost exactly like mine. The back of the pillow is already finished for you - including the buttons and buttonholes! They are seriously on sale since I really don't want to pack them in the moving truck. I've also put the last two Christmas Countdown kits on sale, 'cause I don't want to pack those either! You can find them here.
I got a bit more than snow this morning - look what came in the mail!! The Classic Sewing Summer 2021 Issue is SO PRETTY. Oh my goodness - princess flower girl dresses, the sweetest slips with pintucks and heirloom embroidery, and my new Flirty Purses! Every page is filled with something beautiful, so if you haven't yet subscribed to this amazing magazine, do it now! It's stuffed full of free patterns and design downloads, including the Flirty Purse on the left.
If you want to get the whole set, my Flirty Purses are waiting for you. There are three magnetic flap styles to choose from, and they're so simple to make. You can find my Purse Magnets here, and you'll be happy to know that because they don't need to be as strong, they are a lot less expensive than my regular magnets!
It's going to be pretty crazy for the next few weeks while Spooky and I finish packing and start the drive to our new home, so the next few newsletters might be a little short. And now you know why I've been so scattered the last few weeks!! As soon as we get settled, I'll be back to work on the Once Upon a Time set, along with the freestanding lace set that you see on the Flirty Purse above! I thought I'd have plenty of time to finish it, but life kinda nudged me in a different direction. 🤗 I hope you have a week filled with sunshine and tons of flowers. Thanks for reading!