Judge rules U.S. Army Corps followed federal laws; claims dismissed in federal court

The FM Diversion Project overcame another obstacle March 31 when a federal judge dismissed all remaining federal claims against the U.S. Army Corps and the Diversion Authority . The court ruled the Army Corps followed federal environmental law when choosing a permanent flood protection plan for the Fargo-Moorhead area. There are two remaining claims about the application of state law in the case. They are expected to be resolved when Minnesota releases its final Environmental Impact Statement next month.

Cost estimate for project updated 

The cost estimate for the FM Area Diversion Project has been updated to approximately $2.1 billion. 

The new estimate was presented at the Flood Diversion Board meeting on March 31. Initial projections in 2011 estimated the project would cost $1.8 billion. The costs have increased due to inflation, the rising cost of construction, expanded projects related to in-town levees and an increase in the cost to acquire properties.
Stay up-to-date about the Diversion

The Diversion Authority Board meetings are all online. Check out the Flood Diversion Authority YouTube channel for videos of board meetings. The channel also includes educational videos explaining parts of the project more in-depth and a "fly-over" of the Diversion project area.