Major flooding has struck Iran again and we urgently request your support. The people of Sistan and Baluchestan are experiencing devastation in more than 100 villages. Thousands of homes, businesses, schools, and medical centers have been destroyed and 350 villages are cut off by the rising water.

We want to minimize the disruption to education and help provide stability to students, their families, and their communities as they rebuild. Join us.

Instead of distributing blankets and food (being done by local authorities), Child Foundation is focusing on managing the aftermath of the disaster. Your donations will provide temporary and safe learning spaces for students because current education facilities are sure to be severely damaged or destroyed.

All donations will be sent to our sister organization in Iran under the US Treasury General License (E). The license allows Child Foundation donors to send up to $500,000 for disaster relief and humanitarian aid each year. We used the same license to provide aid after the 2018 Kermanshah earthquake and 2019 flooding.

Natural disasters and instability uniquely affect children. We can help foster stability in these communities starting with the students. Together, we can help them return to their studies safely. 

Navid Seyedali
President & CEO

PS. You can also donate to our Facebook Fundraiser here
We Lost Two Members of Our Family
The Child Foundation family is deeply saddened by the news of the Ukrainian airplane downing in Tehran, which caused the death of 176 passengers. Our condolences go out to each family and friend of those we lost.
We learned two of the passengers were generous members of Child Foundation’s donor family. They supported three girls’ educations in Kurdistan, Mazandaran, and Sistan Baluchestan.
Recently, they generously purchased a refrigerator for the Sistan Baluchestan student. And the student’s thank you letter conveys more than we ever could about the donor: “I wish I could be a kind person like you; I love (you) very very much.” The donors’ surviving family will continue to support the girls in their honor.
If you wish to be involved in what this young couple believed was important, please visit our website here to sponsor a child’s education.
May peace be with everyone who lost a dear one in the crash. We are heavy with sadness, gratitude, and purpose.
Raise Funds for Child Foundation via Facebook
Did you know if you have a Facebook account, it is very easy to help us raise funds for flood victims or in support of the education of children in need?
In just a few minutes you can set up your own fundraising page and invite your friends to join in. We prepared a simple step by step guide for you here .
Here is how Arash , Harold , Kyla , Paria , Mary , Mojhdeh , Sevil , Shaima and, Victoria are fundraising to help Child Foundation’s mission through Facebook.
Facebook had eliminated transaction fees on donations to Child Foundation, which means we receive exactly what people donate through your page.