Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring
Flooring for education labs
Selecting flooring for a university or educational lab requires a different perspective than if you were choosing for traditional lab space.

While in every lab setting you want comfort, there tends to be more of a need in a classroom-type setting where students and teachers are moving around throughout the day. Acoustics also play an important role so teachers and student can hear. Even aesthetics play a part in a learning environment as the color and design of the floor can be used to engage students.

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What’s a flexible lab?
A flexible lab enables you to configure, and reconfigure your laboratory environment to keep pace with the ever-changing innovations of the world.

Many facilities have found our interlocking flooring system to be the perfect solution, particularly for access flooring. If and when the need for change occurs, it’s simply a matter of “unlocking” the floor and moving the flooring system.

Portable lab flooring
Do you really need portable lab flooring? SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli discusses a few of the reasons why a lab might need portable flooring:

  • Renovations at a lab
  • Reconfiguration of lab
  • Use of access flooring
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