Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring
Flooring for keg rooms
Breweries, wineries, restaurants and bars all have refrigerated rooms to store kegs. Many of those rooms have cement flooring. While it may sound like overkill, there’s more need to protect that floor than you realize.

As part of a food service business, these rooms have to adhere to board of health requirements. Loading kegs onto plain cement flooring can often chip flooring. That can open the door to germs and bacteria. It can also start the deterioration of the floor.

By protecting keg room flooring with a non-ESD version of our SelecTile flooring, you can preserve your keg room floor for years to come.

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Long Term Care Rx - Lab Installation
Long Term Care Rx recently purchased 1,000 square feet of our BioLock tiles for its lab in St. Louis, Missouri. Looking to install quickly and avoid down time, Long Term Care RX installed the tiles themselves with nearly zero down time. In addition, staff loved the look and people raved about the comfortability underfoot.
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