May 2017 Newsletter
Gold Octopetal Flora earrings
Floral Inspirations & Trend

Flora has a very special place in jewelry, often imitated down to the last detail in intricate pieces.   Read More

VME-662-TopOnly  $ 21,650

How They're Made

Flowers can be carved into shapes. They are best achieved through gems that are soft enough to carve, yet sturdy enough not to break as they are being fashioned.   Read More

VMP-223-CitCen $44,195

Design History

In addition to floriography, flower jewelry was popular throughout the Victorian period. This was displayed early on with Queen Victoria's orange blossom themed wedding set.  Read More 

VME-177-whitediam  $17,100

- Ask Valentin -

Since 1976 I have been Designing and Creating Fine Hand Crafted Jewelry. I have had the privilege of meeting and working with some of the most talented and educated gemstone cutters throughout the world. The sourcing of these gemstones is one of the many facets in the process of creating and executing Fine Hand Crafted Jewelry. This extensive network enables us to find the desired gemstone whether it is a unique Semi-precious Gemstone, a brilliant Ruby or Sapphire or a diamond no matter the size. We respect any and all requests irrespective of size or budget.
Our in house staff of highly skilled craftspeople; specialists in metal work and wax carving, model makers,  jewelers, setters, polishers, CAD design assistants, stone management specialists and quality control all contribute in a team effort which affords us the opportunity to manufacture all our work in our own studio/atelier in the heart of New York of which we are most proud. Although many will claim their studio is full service, in reality there are only a few who can complete all the above mentioned aspects in the manufacturing of Fine Hand Crafted Jewelry.
We invite you to contact us with any of your jewelry related questions or requests. In addition to the repairing of your jewelry or the restringing of your pearls, we welcome your thoughts regarding designing new jewelry or updating your older pieces. All inquiries will be acknowledged and answered in a timely manner.

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