Jan/Feb 2018
Hey - come to Florida this weekend!

I'll begin at Temple Judea, in Coral Gables -- Friday services, then Saturday adult minyan & a Tot Shabbat & evening concert/lecture, then a Sunday family show... Full spectrum! C'mon down.
Monday it's Gulfport (Tampa/Clearwater environs) for a general audience evening show sponsored by my friends Maureen Kilroy & Larry Enlow (see below). Fun in the Sun(set).

FEBRUARY in ST. LOUIS... WON'T BE WARM -- we'll generate warmth:
I'm looking forward to my 5th SONGLEADER BOOTCAMP - an amazing leadership summit (see below)! Plus a house concert with the amazing NEFESH MOUNTAIN band, and a visit to Kol Rinah !!! (see below)

THE BILLY JONAS BAND will be rolling out some very exciting new pieces in the coming months -- we're exploring Japanese Taiko drumming , and African polyrhythms -- stay tuned!!!

The first official Billy Jonas MUSICAL is taking shape.... Looking forward to sharing.

See you at a show!

Jan 19-21, Coral Gables, FL

Jan 22, Gulfport, FL
General Audience Show

Feb 6, Fayetteville, NC
BJ School Shows - Private

Feb 7, Fuquay-Varina, NC
BJ School Shows - Private

Feb 8, Raleigh, NC
BJ School Shows - Private

Feb 16, St. Louis, MO
Tot Shabbat & Eve Adult services

Feb 17, St. Louis, MO
Nefesh Mountain & Billy Jonas!
Adult Show

Feb 18-20, St. Louis, MO
Concerts & workshops

Feb 26, Charlotte, NC
Billy Jonas Band
School Shows - Private
At school shows I ask young fans 
to "draw what you saw"...