We are committed to changing Florida's Family Court Laws under a new Governor in 2019!

Alimony - "The payment of support from an ex-spouse with the ability to pay  to an
ex-spouse in need, for a reasonable length of time." 
Chairman's Message
Michael McAuliffe, PAC  Chairman



Several years worth of effort paid off this week when Family Law Reform bills were filed in both the Florida House and Senate! Florida House Bill 1325 is sponsored by Representative Brad Drake, and Senate Bill 1596 is sponsored by Senator Gayle Harrell from Stuart, Florida.

Thank you to both of our sponsors for stepping up to back this important
legislation! We are thrilled and are looking forward to the upcoming session!

We're on track for real change in 2019, but successful legislation costs money. Thanks to everyone's help, we have covered the costs of our public relations and primary lobbying team. We have a second team of lobbyists that we want to bring on as well to help get the bill over the finish line in 2019. They're expensive, and right now we can't afford them without your help. We think we have a real shot at fixing this mess in 2019. But it takes money as well as dedicated volunteers.

Contact your legislators NOW and ask them to sign on as co-sponsors of this important legislation! We need an army of supporters in Tallahassee to let our elected officials know that change is long overdue in Florida and that we support their efforts to fix these broken laws in 2019!

We're all in the same boat here, folks.  Help us help you. We need your help right now.  Please Contribute!  Thank you!

Michel B├╝hler's Message:  We Need Your Financial Support! 

The close of 2018 filled Florida Family Law Reformers with optimism regarding a substantive change in alimony laws in 2019.  The following events have lifted our spirits and provide more clarity about what we can achieve with your help and support:
  1. Congressman Ron DeSantis, the only candidate to have expressed a desire to sign an alimony reform bill,  was elected as Florida's next Governor.
  2. Florida voters have returned to the legislature the sponsors of two previous bills that were passed by Florida's Legislature but were vetoed by the prior Governor. Thanks in some measure to our support, these legislators now assume even more powerful leadership positions.                                                                 
  3. The New Hampshire Alimony Reform Act of 2018 was enacted and provides for capping the duration of alimony to 50% of the marriage; The Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act of 2011 makes durational alimony the norm and even helps current alimony payers. HELPING CURRENT PAYERS IS NOT ONLY CONSTITUTIONAL, BUT IT IS OUR MORAL OBLIGATION TO DO SO.  This leaves Florida as one of the last outliers maintaining permanent alimony.                                                                               
  4. The same Florida Family Law Reform PAC team that got the two prior bills passed has drafted a bill to be presented to legislators that provide for a formula-driven determination of alimony and the ability for every existing and future payor to terminate alimony after having paid alimony for longer than 50% of the duration of the marriage; as well as upon retirement age.     
  5. Additional projects in the works are an already-funded PR campaign, the dissemination of a video highlighting the injustice of current alimony laws, and the hiring of a lobbyist.
Our aim continues to make alimony in Florida akin to "marriage unemployment insurance" - for a limited time and a limited amount necessary to provide a transition for the lesser-earning spouse.    

By joining us, via your monetary contributions and volunteering to share your stories with legislators and the press, we can achieve together what we couldn't achieve on our own. We ask that you consider a donation of one-month alimony, however we will take whatever you wish to give.  Our opposition includes those that profit from today's uncertain and unfair laws and 2019 brings us a much-hoped for opportunity to change our future. Thank you for all your past help and be part of the change!   If you have any questions, please email us at our PAC email or me at  michelbuhler@ymail.com

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No one in our organization is paid a salary. We are all volunteers, so we need your financial assistance. In order to have a meaningful presence in Tallahassee in the upcoming legislative session, we must raise a large amount of money. Contributions of all amounts are desperately needed to help us support elected officials who can finally fix Florida's outdated and antiquated laws.

Our contribution suggestion is ONE MONTH'S ALIMONY. We will be grateful for anything you can send towards our efforts.

Contributions to Florida Family Law Reform Political Action Committee, Inc. are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes.
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