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May 2017  Newsletter
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Calendar of Events and Programs
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6 PTA Conference "All Children are our Children"

This will be my last issue of our FAPE Newsletter as your President. I have been honored to serve as the Florida Association of Partners in Education President these past two years. It has been both humbling and inspiring to hear what other districts are doing to support student achievement and families in the State of Florida.

As an organization FAPE has accomplished a lot in the past two years! Here is a short list of what programs, events and services our board has achieved:
  • Held 2 STEM Conferences: One at NASA and at the Palm Beach Zoo and Science Center.
  • Recorded Webinars on: Partnerships, Engaging the New Millennium Parent, Steps to Family Engagement, What Coordinators Need to Know, Engaging Mentor Partners and most recently "Out with the Old, In with the New, What Volunteer Coordinators Need to know." Go to our website www.flpie.net click on Resources scroll down to click on the webinars links.
  • Updated the Volunteer Coordinators Toolkit. Go to our website www.flpie.net click on Resources scroll down to click on the Tool Kit Manual.
  • Introduced 2 new State awards "The Community Engagement of Volunteer Award & the FAPE Legacy Award."
  • Welcomed a new partner to FAPE ~ Horace Mann.
  • Presented at and attended the Leadership Conference 
  • Brought on new board members and regional representatives and...
  • Increased our membership.
I believe the Florida Association of Partners in Education organization can and will do much more to support volunteer and family engagement programs across the State in the coming years. I will continue to serve FAPE as the Past President starting in June when I hand the torch over to our new President Elect, Misa Mills from Seminole County. I know she will take the organization to new heights.

As we all are planning for the next school year, let us not forget that we are affecting the lives of young people. The contributions of volunteers and community partners clearly demonstrates to students that their  success is important enough for the community to take an active role, in their education. The role of volunteer and business partnership coordinators is crucial to the success of all students. 

Thank you for allowing me to serve all of you as the President of FAPE these past two years. 

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Keep Smiling!
Michelle Roberge, 
President, Florida Association Partners in Education
District Volunteer Coordinator, Pinellas County Schools

Florida Association  of Partners in Education Board 

The voting is in!!! 
We have elected the following officers for the  2017 - 2019 Term.

President Elect:  Patricia May, Volunteer Coordinator, Martin County
VP Business Partnerships:  Robin Davis, Osceola County
Secretary:   Kelli Walker, Volunteer Coordinator, Leon County

Congratulations and welcome aboard!

Why One Retired Teacher Brings Her Time, Talents to Crystal Lakes Elementary

What can be the reason a woman, now approaching 89 years      old, goes to volunteer in an elementary school? You simply need  to ask Mildred Hammer. Mrs. Hammer has come faithfully every  week to Kathleen Tsakiris' fifth grade class at Crystal Lakes  Elementary School in Boynton Beach for the past  23  years.
Mrs. Hammer is a retired New York elementary school teacher who missed teaching and being around children. So when she and her husband - who is already 90 - moved to South Florida, Mrs. Hammer decided she needed to get back into education. She contacted Crystal Lakes Elementary and was paired with Mrs. Tsakiris.
Because Mrs. Hammer had such an extensive teaching background, Mrs.Tsakiris knew she had to make the most of Mrs. Hammer's talents. Mrs. Hammer spends about two hours weekly to come up with ideas for lessons. She and Mrs. KT then work together on math, poetry and social studies. Mrs. Hammer even delves into the art of cursive handwriting and praises the students for writing neatly!
Daniel, Mrs. Hammer's husband of almost 66 years, is supportive of her volunteer work. "I am proud of her and I feel that she has so much to offer students through her experiences," Mr. Hammer said.
Mrs. KT said she feels lucky to have a volunteer who is now like a colleague and family. They seem to inspire each other! "The students have given my life more purpose and keep me feeling younger," Mrs. Hammer said.

Think Before You Speak Ideas

Before you speak:
T= Is it True?
H= Is it Helpful?
I = Is it Inspiring?
N = Is it Necessary?
K = Is it Kind?

Manatee County Scores With Volunteer Schneider 

In 2013, Mr. Tom Schneider retired from a successful business career in Connecticut and moved to the sunshine state.

His retirement journey brought him to the Gulf Coast in Manatee County, seeking a way to regain a sense of purpose in his life and pursue a solid connection.  His journey of discovery brought him to Manatee Technical College (MTC) Adult Education Center where students can i mprove basic skills, learn English or pass the GED® test.