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 Oct/Nov 2016 Newsletter
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Calendar of Events and Programs
National Bully Prevention 
National Substance Abuse Prevention
  • 16-22 Safe Schools Week
  • 23-31 Red Ribbon Week
  • 27-29 Annual Males of Color Empowerment and REtention Conf. Pikesville, MA
  • 29-30 Human Trafficking Summit, Tampa Fl
National Family Engagement Month
  • 4th - 2016 Hooked on Family Engagement Conference, St. Petersburg, FL - Hosted by the Alliance For Family Engagement in Region IV
  • 4th Outstanding School Volunteer Nominations Due
  • 13-19 American Education Week
  • 14th
    Noon to 12:30 p.m. - Free Family Engagement Webinar with Hope Williams, Director, Family & Community Engagement, FLDOE - Email flyer to come.
  • 17th National Parent Involvement Day

  • 2nd Go Wild with S.T.E.M - The Florida Association of Partners in Education Professional Development Workshop - Register Now
  • Date To Come:
    Noon to 12:30 Free Webinar: What Volunteer Coordinators Need to Know. Overview of Best Practices. Presenter: Sade Collins, Program Specialist, Family & Community Engagement, FLDOE

Hello FAPE members and Volunteer/Business Partner Coordinators around the State. I can't believe it is the middle of October already!

 I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a vacation!! It has been non-stop crazy busy here in Pinellas County, and I hear it is the same in many other districts around the State. 

Here is a quick overview of what's been happening in our corner of the world...Our valued colleague Sara Au from Orange County School District presented her resignation  to the Board due to another great job opportunity in her school district. We wish Sara the best in her new endeavors, she will be sorely missed.  The good news is Misa Mills from Seminole County agreed to step into the President Elect position and Debbie Gambino from Manatee County Schools agreed to step into Misa's position as the Ex Officio. We're so blessed to have them both on the board. They will help take FAPE to new heights.

Left to Right: Cindy Gerhardt, Florida PTA President, Past PTA President, Mindy Haas & Misa Mills, FAPE President Elect.
PTA Annual Leadership Convention
At the PTA Annual Leadership Convention, Misa Mills, as the FAPE Ex Officio presented the 2016 FAPE Community Legacy Tribute to the Florida PTA for their relentless and selfless service to the parents, teachers and students of Florida. The Florida PTA continues to advocate and organize, working to influence policy makers on the health, education, welfare, and safety issues affecting the children of Florida. FAPE is proud to partner and support their membership. 

Fall Leadership
Many of us attended the the Fall leadership Conf er ence in Orlando. It was a great time to network and learn best practices about new programs and events that are happening in other school districts around the State.  Thank you Hope Williams, Director of Family & Community Engagement and Sade Collins, Program Specialist, Family & Community Engagement, FLDOE for a great conference! This is a must attend conference for Volunteer Coordinators.

2016 Florida Association of Partners in Education Community Engagement Volunteer Award
During the leadership conference the winner of the FAPE Community Engagement Volunteer Award from Orange County School District,  presented their winning nomination, "Hydroponic Gardens" to the conference attendees.  You can find a copy of their presentation and information on our website  www.flpie.net   
Left to Right: Representing Orange County School District Kathleen Wright, Partnerships in Education Specialist, Ermelinda Rolon, Additions Specialist, Pamela Carson, Sr. Manager of Community Resources, Michelle Roberge, FAPE President, District Volunteer Coordinator, Pinellas County Schools, Hydroponic Gardens Winners, Teachers: Dawn Chehab and Josh Garrett, at Winegard Elementary School.   

2016 Adele Graham Award
I was previledge to be this year's recipient of the 2016             Adele Graham Award at the Leadership Conference held in Orlando. Pinellas County Schools also recognized me at a school board meeting where I was 
surprised by the attendance of two FAPE Board members Sara Au and Liz Stark. I can't thank everyone enough for honoring me with this prestigious 


Left to right: Pinellas County Schools Board Members: Linda S. Lerner, Ken Peluso, Terry Krassner, Rene Flowers, Janet Clark and Carol Cook.
Left front: Sara Au, FAPE Board Member, Senior Specialist, Social Media, Orange County Schools, Michelle Roberge, FAPE President and District Volunteer Coordinator, Pinellas County Schools & Liz Stark, Past President, FAPE and District Volunteer Coordinator Alachua County Schools.

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Keep Smiling!
Michelle Roberge, 
President, Florida Association Partners in Education
District Volunteer Coordinator, Pinellas County Schools

The Florida Association of Partners in Education 
is hosting 
Go Wild with S.
T. E. M.
A One-Day Conference
December 2, 2016
to be held at the
Palm Beach Zoo & South Florida Science Center

 Register Now and prepared to be dazzled by award winning physical science teachers as they conduct a series of electrifying demonstrations. Enjoy Stories with S.T.E.M. and learn to connect literature and S.T.E.M. with fun, inexpensive and easily reproducible lesson. Learn about local teams and how to participate. Find out how students can earn scholarships while learning and having fun and much more... After the workshops, enjoy venues until closing! Professional Development Workshops, Lunch, A One Year Membership to FAPE and access to both venues! You can't go wrong.

Kings Point 
K i ngs Point Woodshop has been a community business partner with Palm Beach County's Royal Palm School for over 22 years!
Kings Point is a retirement comm unity in Delray Beach.  Royal Palm School is an exceptional student education center.  It serves students with special needs up to the age of 22.  Some students have the most severe disabilities.  Teachers use sensory materials and adaptive technologies  to meet their students' needs.  Students at that level focus on learning independent living  skills in addition to proper social skills and academics. Read More

How to Get Families Engaged...
W hen parents, families and the community are involved in schools, children benefit. Adult participation sends the message that school is important and worthy of adult attention.

Many people may want to support our schools and students, but  don't know how or feel they have time. Opportunities are present - in school and elsewhere.

Here are some helpful tips to share with parents on how they can make education a priority in their home.
  • Remind them to talk with their student about education, homework and school activities
  • They can assist and check homework
  • Celebrate accomplishments
  • Communicate on a regular basis with the teacher
  • Address any issues with the teacher immediately
  • Ask them to join the PTA, PTO or SAC
  • Ask them to volunteer inside and outside classroom activities
We all need to listen to our children, we will learn as much from them as they learn from us!