November 30, 2021
The Florida Chamber political team continuously analyzes new voter registration trends, changes to House and Senate districts, and voter behavior as we work to recruit and elect pro-jobs candidates to secure Florida's future. Please share this report with your management team and send us a note if you have questions, perspectives, or recommendations. Florida is at a crossroads and we invite you to help us save it.
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Tools for Your Company's Political Strategy • Behind the Numbers (New Statewide Voter Registration Numbers) • Florida Chamber's Partisan Performance Index • The Florida Institute for Political Leadership  Social Media Toolkit • Upcoming Events
Tools for Your Company's Political Strategy
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ChamberHub is the Florida Chamber's exclusive, interactive, and customizable voter file.
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Florida: Behind the Numbers
The Florida Chamber's Exclusive, Interactive, and Customizable Voter File
First in Florida History - Republicans Overtake Democrats in Voter Registration
The Big Picture: The latest update of Florida voter registration processed by ChamberHub shows Republicans have overtaken Democrats in voter registration. Republicans now hold a lead of just over 4,000 voters, 5,118,357 to 5,114,039. NPA/Other voters have 4,067,059 registered in Florida.

The Breakdown: Going back to the 2008 General Election, Democrats had a 657,775 voter lead on Republicans. In 2012, that advantage dropped to just over 500,000 and dwindled to just over 325,000 for the 2016 election. By the 2020 election, Democrats advantage stood just shy of 150,000 and now one year later has been completely erased.
Florida Chamber's Partisan Performance Index
The Florida Chamber’s Series on Redistricting: Florida Senate and House Release Proposed Maps

The Big Picture: A few weeks ago, the Florida Senate Committee on Reapportionment released eight proposed maps, four for Florida’s 28 Congressional districts and four for Florida’s 40 Senate districts and has since held committee hearings regarding the maps. 

On Monday, the Florida House Redistricting Committee released four proposed maps, two for Florida’s 28 Congressional districts and two for Florida’s 120 House districts. The House Redistricting Committee will begin discussing the proposed maps this Thursday and Friday in Tallahassee. 

Be in the Know: To better understand how the electorate of Florida is comprised across the state, the Florida Chamber proudly released the Florida Partisan Performance indexes, or FPPs. You may read the entire report, as well as regional reports by clicking here.

For the next 30 days, this tool will be publicly available, but will eventually become an exclusive benefit for members of the Florida Chamber Political Institute (FCPI) and the Florida Free Enterprise Fund. To continue having access to this data and analyses, please contact Nick Catroppo.
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Social Media Toolkit
Congrats to Sen. Pres. @WiltonSimpson for earning @FlChamber 2021 Most Valuable Legislator, the business community's premier legislative award! Pres. Simpson's dedication to free enterprise and leadership during the 2021 legislative session, led to 22 Chamber priorities signed into law. #FlaPol

For every dollar spent at a small business, an average of $0.67 stays in that business’s local community. This holiday season, #ShopSmallEveryDay to help small businesses and boost your local economy. @FlChamber @USChamber

Florida added another 41,500 jobs last month, and 57 counties now have more jobs than before COVID -- this and more in the November 2021 "Florida By the Numbers" report from @FlChamber Chief Economist @DrJerryParrish. Watch the video here:
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