August 2020 Edition
2019-2020 Governor Allen Yergovich

Kiwanis Family:

Welcome to August! Our Kiwanis year is winding down, but the new school year and Kiwanis year are on the horizon. This is the time to finish strong, but also the time to welcome in the new school year, transition our clubs’ officers and your division’s Lt Governor, and start implementing plans for the coming year.

VCON is almost here! I highly encourage each and every one of you to attend our first ever Virtual Convention. Everyone can attend, from the comfort of your home, with easy registration and no cost to you. We have assembled a great line-up of events and education. Visit the Caring Corner and bid or donate because every penny goes toward our Service Leadership Programs. Please see the link below and register today!

You may recall that, since there is no Sunday morning large-scale service project, like we’ve had at previous District Conventions, I have asked each club or division do something in their local community. Also, please remember to report what you’ve done (click here to email me). In next month’s Quacker, I will include random responses from all over, so please don’t be concerned that only the biggest and most elaborate will be recognized.

As school commences, in some places still at home, in others at school or a hybrid, our Service Leadership Clubs will have the lowest priority of the administration and it is likely that clubs will not be able to meet on campus if schools are open at all. This means that they will need our extra help and attention as they meet via Zoom and continue their service!

Similarly, one of the most common questions I’ve heard is “What can we be doing?” 
  • Helping our Service Leadership Programs survive and thrive;
  • Offering yourself (or your club) as online tutors to the schools;
  • Improving your club via strategic planning, varied and superstar speakers from further distances;
  • Updating/improving/starting your club’s website and social media presence (SLP members can earn their service hours by helping you with this if you need help);
  • Online and telephone membership drives to replace the members that we ARE losing;
  • Adapting fundraisers or starting new ones that can be done in the current circumstances, and many other things.
I know many clubs are struggling through this time, but please look at these challenges as an opportunity to make your club stronger and more relevant. We can all adapt and thrive, be optimistic!

Remember that it is critical that we help make others aware of the importance of the US Census count in our communities to be able to allocate the right amount of future funding for our schools, early learning education, child services, among other things like roads and hospitals.

Another thing that can be done is support the Clear Mask project. Infants, toddlers, and Pre-K children can be disadvantaged in their brain development by not associating facial expressions with the messages they are hearing. This can also be advantageous for the hearing impaired. Please see the link below and consider purchasing masks for a local pre-school through a donation to FAIMH. They will deliver them to wherever you like, direct to the school, or to you so you can make a presentation. There may also be some matching funds. Your local Early Learning Coalition is anxious to help, as am I and Young Children:Priority One chair Jennifer Ohlsen. PR Coordinator Lew Matusow would love to help you publicize whatever you do.

Please also look at the other very important links below.

Thanks for reading and Thank You for ALL you do!

Allen Yergovich
Governor - Florida District of Kiwanis International 
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From Your District Chairs
Virtual District Convention
Young Children Priority One
Support the Faces are Essential Campaign!

Help raise funds to purchase clear face masks for early childhood providers in preschools and early learning centers. 

The coronavirus pandemic has changed so much about how we interact. Wearing face masks that cover half of our faces means we can’t see each other’s facial expressions. Did you know that this can affect how babies grow and learn? Facial expressions help children interpret emotions and social cues. Young children learn through their relationships with caring adults. Not being able to see their faces means they are missing important connections.

As children head back to school and preschool, we know it is necessary and important for teachers to wear masks for health and safety reasons. But we know that this can harm the social and emotional development for children who spend lots of time, sometimes over 8 hours a day, in care every day.

We can help kids by donating clear face masks for teachers. Need more proof? Watch this video to learn why this is important!

Want to donate clear face masks as a club project? Every county has an Early Learning Coalition that can connect you to an early learning program in your area. Visit this website and scroll down to find your county: Florida Association of Early Learning Coalitions. Your local Early Learning Coalition will be listed next to the county. 

This initiative is led by the Florida Association of Infant Mental Health. Visit the Faces are Essential Campaign website to learn more.
No Small Matter Film Screenings

Kids Need Kiwanis, now more than ever. High quality education for all isn’t just powerful — it’s possible. This powerful film will motivate you and your members to get involved in promoting positive experiences for all children in your community. 
Don't let physical distancing keep you from sharing this important film. Host a virtual screening! Our “digital screening kit” can help you plan and promote your event, from getting the word out to setting up the technology to inspiring action after the film. Invite partners and friends; a virtual screening is a great member recruitment activity! 
And don’t forget to apply for a grant to cover the cost of your screening! Florida Kiwanis has partnered with the Florida Grade Level Reading campaign, the Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida and other partners to provide funds to support virtual screenings. Clubs can apply for a grant to receive a free license to view the full film or shorter versions, depending on your needs.
For information about the film, the grants and the digital screening kit,
click to email Jennifer Ohlsen, Young Children Priority One Chair.
Caring Corner
Hello Kiwanis Family, 

We only have ten days left until this year's Caring Corner, so you still have time to donate to the Caring Corner. We are asking that each club donate $250. The money raised will go to the SLP’s, so it’s for our kids. 

We have received many great gifts for the Auction but can always use more. If your club or Division is concerned about getting the gift to the person who wins, do not worry I can handle it, even if I have to personally deliver it myself. We will see you on August 15th at 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

Harvey White, Vice Governor & Abby White, First Daughter 

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact:
Drowning Prevention
Thank you to all the clubs who have communicated with me over the last 11 months to tell me all about their drowning prevention efforts! These include water safety coloring books, door alarms, reading Stewie the Duck “never swim alone” books on video and posting them to You Tube, funding swim lessons and more. And thank you to the clubs who have asked me to be a guest speaker at their meetings. I enjoy being able to share Drowning Prevention ideas. 

Unfortunately, there have been 38 child drownings so far this year. As Kiwanians, we can work hard together to bring this number to ZERO! If you have any questions or ideas you want to discuss with me, I am always available to you by email or phone 239-919-2001. 

Thank you all for your drowning prevention efforts. 

Terri Ballo
District Chair, Kiwanis Drowning Prevention Program

Club Reporting
Remember that club reports are due by the 10th of each month. But your club is also able to go back to October 2019 and complete any reports that haven't been submitted. Club Reporting is an important way for the District and International to gauge our impact in the community!
Club Headlines
Plant City
Awesome Stuff the Bus Project!

The Kiwanis’ Stuff the Bus project has changed thousands of lives over the past decade as the group expanded its program to get book bags and school supplies into the hands of local students. This year, the stakes are even higher. As the U.S. continues to grapple with the ever-surging COVID-19 pandemic, the upcoming school year has placed immeasurable stress on families and educators alike. 

“We do this because of our passion for the kids,” Sharon Moody, Kiwanis member and organizer of the event, said. “With everything going on in the world now with the pandemic, I’m quite sure that everyone — the teachers, the parents and the students — would appreciate every little bit of help they can get.”

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