Legal and Ethics Sessions Added

This year, we have added new legal and ethics sessions to the annual conference program! Join us Friday, October 18, for four diverse sessions surrounding the legal and ethical aspects of CRA operations. 

From reporting requirements and audits to redevelopment law topics, each session will provide attendees with professional development credits. 

See below for details on what we've added to this year's conference: 

  • Ethical Considerations in Redevelopment - This course is geared toward CRA attorneys and others who want to learn about specific ethics requirements for CRAs, as well as general requirements for all governments. 
  • Hot Topics in Redevelopment Law - This course is geared toward CRA attorneys and others who want to learn about specific legal requirements for CRAs. We will cover the changes to Florida statutes contained in CS/HB 9, passed by the 2019 Florida Legislature, special procurement best practices, property issues, and expenditure compliance. 
  • Legal Reporting Issues for CRAs - This course is geared toward attorneys and practitioners who want to learn about specific legal requirements for CRAs, relative to reporting in CS/HB 9 passed by the Florida Legislature in 2019. Chapter 163 Part III, and Chapter 189, Florida Statutes requirements will be discussed.
  • Legal Auditing Issues for CRAs - This course is geared toward finance, audit and CRA staff who are involved with CRA audits. We will be covering the new audit requirements contained in CS/HB 9 passed by the Florida Legislature in 2019. We will share tips and best practices for compliance.
For more information on this year's conference or to register,  visit our official 2019 FRA Annual Conference page.
Jobs Around the State 

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CRA Business Assistance Administrator - City of Clearwater

The City of Clearwater is seeking a CRA business assistance administrator responsible for the  management, development, administration and implementation of Community Redevelopment Agency plans, programs and projects. The CRA business assistance administrator will serve as the primary contact to the business community within the CRA and implement special projects as needed, under the direction of the CRA Director.  

To view the full opening,  click here.  

Planner I - City of Fort Walton Beach
The City of Fort Walton Beach is looking to hire a planner responsible for studies, reports, and other material for the Community Redevelopment Agency, boards/committees and citizen groups. Work is performed under general supervision of the Development Services Manager.

To view the full opening,  click here.  
Panama City Unveils Goals for Improvement Following Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael made Panama City a blank slate from which local officials and leaders can make significant improvements in the coming years. 

In a special meeting last Thursday, the Panama City Commission and city department heads gathered for a goal-setting session. The devastating Category 5 storm has potentially given the city access to enough resources to make sweeping upgrades - from an overhaul of downtown to major infrastructure and parks improvements.

"We have a blank slate ... the storm created a situation for us where now we can totally rebuild," Mayor Greg Brudnicki said. "Before, more of the fixes we did were with a Band-Aid approach because of a lack of resources." 

Brudnicki said that because of the hurricane, the city would have access to federal and state resources to help pay for more community improvements that should lead to future economic and population growth. City Manager Mark McQueen agreed with Brudnicki, saying the city was poised for significant change and growth in part because of the historic Oct. 10 storm.

To learn more about Panama City's recovery efforts,  click here.
Annual Conference Scam Reminder

FRA staff, members and those interested in the annual conference have received  several scam calls and emails  regarding hotel reservations and rates.

The scammers have asked for conference information, hotel details and contact information, so you can sign-up for a "special rate." Please do not give them any of this information. 

If you are contacted by anyone other than a FRA representative regarding hotel reservations for the conference (via phone OR email),  please disregard the contact as it will be a scam.
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