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Now that winter is finally over for most of us and we are looking to get our boats back in the water SAILING again...There are some sailors blessed with a full winter season. Some of these sailors live in Florida and they just sent us this happy sailing report. Its always a good feeling to do good. Read on and see how our friends have done !
Punta Gorda Charity Cup
The 2022 Charity Cup Regatta was in one word, glorious.
Thanks to all of you for not only your participation but also your generosity. Raising just over $8,100 the Regatta was the top fund raising event! The overall Charity Cup campaign, when all the events were totaled, exceeded the goal of $150,000 !
Hope you all had fun and take pride in the fact our sport though your support contributed to the good of this community.
 Rick and the entire Race Committee, with the wind shifts we had, you adjusted the course and turned around the races masterfully.

I’m sure I’m speaking for all 15 boats out there, THANK YOU! 
 On the water, it wasn’t “just fortune” that skipper Walter Johnson, with Dave Pflanz crewing, nailed three firsts and a second on “Fortuneatelee”, it was skill. Congratulations Men !
 And oh boy was it close for second, third, fourth, and fifth !
Coming in second overall were skipper Bernie Coyne and crew Lynn Squire on “Mystic Blue”. Consistently this year, Bernie and Lynn have sailed at the top and today was no exception. Just one point out of second place, finishing third overall was “Flying Cloud” with Skipper Christi and crew Jan van Heek
No strangers to top performances either, this was another day of fine racing, well done.

And just one point off the podium was skipper Jeff Scholz and crew RJ Trejo, another team that consistently wins races and today was no exception. “Yellow Jacket” won the last race, not an easy task in this Fleet. 
Coming in fifth just two points out of fourth was the brand new “Despacito”. Nice sailing skipper Jose Fuentes and Crissy Fuentes. Being the first time racing your boat, and on this Harbor, you excelled. Thank you for coming from Annapolis and racing in the Charity Cup.
Thanks to Jake Dye, pictures taken from the signal boat today .
The Charity Cup Regatta Committee and Isles Sailing Club,
Jim Nuzzo, Rick Rieger, Rob Sisk, Michael Mixson, Christi van Heek

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