Message from the Florida Department of Health:
Florida’s New COVID-19 App is Helping to Flatten the Curve
Dear Providers, Families and Community Partners,

As Florida continues to work to fight the spread of COVID-19, the Department of Health (Department) has launched a new mobile app, StrongerThanC19 . This free app complements the community action survey website of the same name that launched on April 3. The participation from the website has been very promising so far, and we’re hopeful that this app will help to build on the submissions and data that has already been gathered. Together, the Department will use the information collected from the website and the app to help further inform and improve the state’s response to COVID-19.

This app will also fill a critical role as our state begins to reopen. In the same way that information collected through the StrongerThanC19 community survey will help the Florida Department of Health identify our most heavily impacted communities, it will also show which areas of the state are recovering. This knowledge will prove critical as a part of Florida’s data-driven, thoughtful approach to reopening.  

The StrongerThanC19 app is intended for Florida residents to anonymously answer a brief series of questions that will help fight the spread of COVID-19 in Florida while directing users to trusted resources to help them stay informed. Unlike the website, the app allows users to go back and update their answers as symptoms and information change, providing officials with up-to-the minute information to help improve the distribution of resources in response to COVID-19. With the app, users will also have access to information in real-time as it’s gathered from users across the state via the Community Action Survey Report.

Even if you have already submitted a survey via the website, please feel free to download the app and update your answers.

Everyone has a role to play to help us flatten the COVID-19 curve. We hope you consider downloading the free app from the Apple or Google app store and submit a survey.

Your dedication during these ever-changing times is greatly valued and appreciated. Be assured, Florida is stronger than COVID-19; and together, we can flatten the curve .
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