"Black love...Rouse us from blur. Call us." –– Gwendolyn Brooks

Click the photo below to view highlights from the 2019 Valuing Black Lives Global Summit.
Toward A Beautiful Black Future: A Meditation on Our Global Truth Tour Stop in Virginia 
By Enola G. Aird
It was about clearing the way, in the most profound sense, for a renaissance for people of African ancestry around the world. It was about being in a place intimately associated with the enslavement of our ancestors at a pivotal moment in history to make a spiritual break with the principal source of anguish for us as Black people. Read More .
Reflection and Inspiration: On the Movement for Emotional Emancipation and the August 2019 Valuing Black Lives Summit
By Mosi Kamau Kitwana
As a man of Yoruba lineage, dedicating myself to the emotional emancipation of African people, cultures, and communities is my mission and mandate. It’s what must be done, here and now, to heal and restore anew, an African sense of self and connection disrupted by the terror and trauma of the last 600 years of exploitation by Europeans. Read More .
Community Healing Days 2019
Join us for the 12th annual celebration of Community Healing Days, October 18, 19, and 20, 2019. Our theme this year is Reigniting Our Imaginations, an essential first step in creating a renaissance for Black people. Mark your calendars now, Wear Sky Blue as a sign of our collective determination to turn the pain of the blues into the sky blue of unlimited possibilities, and click here for our Community Healings Days Toolkit.
Next Stop on the Global Truth Campaign and Tour: Omaha, Nebraska, October 24, 25, 26, and 27, 2019
From Richmond, Virginia’s Trail of Enslaved Africans, we’re headed next to Omaha, Nebraska, the birthplace of el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz. We’re delighted that we will be meeting at the Malcolm X Foundation Memorial Center, hosted by our dear colleagues at Black Men United .
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Defy the Lie and Embrace the Truth
to Flourish While Black
Join us. Take the pledge to Defy the Lie of Black Inferiority and Embrace the Truth of Black Humanity.
Each pledge will make us stronger as a global African community.

Taking the pledge will make you part of a growing global culture of resistance that is standing up to—and that will ultimately extinguish—the lie. 
Your donation to CHN's  All Black Children Flourishing  Fund 
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  1. Support our 2018-2020 Global Truth Campaign and Tour; 
  2. Train 700 additional Emotional Emancipation (EE) Circle Facilitators; and 
  3. Build a global online community to connect, support, and empower EE Circle Facilitators and other local leaders to act as catalysts for healing and wellness.

Help us create a culture of emotional emancipation, healing, wellness, and empowerment in families and neighborhoods across the African Diaspora– so that Black children everywhere can move beyond surviving to flourishing. 

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