Celebrating Black History, Heritage, and Healing
“Is there something we have forgotten? Some precious thing we have lost, wandering in strange lands?" —Arna Bontemps
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Breathe, Baby, Breathe: A Podcast from Community Healing Network
Breathe, Baby, Breathe is a podcast from Community Healing Network, where we engage Culture Carriers in conversations that light the path to emotional emancipation and cultural healing for people of African ancestry. Listen in each month for a new conversation that will offer you emotional and cultural strength for the journey ahead.

Our first episode is the recording of our Africa Day Virtual Retreat: Breathing the Fresh Air of African Values, held on Monday, May 25th. It was as time to lift our collective spirits and ground ourselves by remembering who and whose we are as the children of Africa. We invite you to sit back, open your mind and your hearts, and breathe...

Go to Spotify or click here to listen to the first episode.

Listeners' note: We were unable to remove approximately 90 seconds of the background noise that occurs during President Aird's opening remarks in Episode One. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. (Future episodes of Breathe, Baby, Breathe are forthcoming in Apple Podcast, Pandora, iHeart Radio, and Google Podcasts).
Celebrating Marcus Garvey

As a proud member of the Institute for the Black World Black Family Summit, Community Healing Network is delighted to join in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the First Convention of the Negro Peoples of the World.
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Join us. Take the pledge to Defy the Lie of Black Inferiority and Embrace the Truth of Black Humanity. Each pledge will make us stronger as a global African community.

Taking the pledge will make you part of a growing global culture of resistance that is standing up to—and that will ultimately extinguish—the lie. 
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