“The work of healers is the work of inspirers working long and steadily… till there are inspirers, healers wherever our people are scattered, able to bring us together again.”
— Ayi Kwei Armah, The Healers

By Enola G. Aird, CHN Founder and President
Some people ask me why CHN keeps insisting that in order to heal, we, as people of African ancestry, must Defy the Lie of Black Inferiority and Embrace the Truth of Black Humanity. 

“Can’t you find some softer language?” they ask.

Sure, we could. But then we wouldn’t be true to our history. Black defiance... Continue Reading

By Kristee Haggins, PhD
When people ask me “what I do,” how do I describe what it means to be a “Community Healer?” How do I explain that I am for the psychological freedom and empowerment of Black people?

I start with describing that being a community healer means I am an African-centered psychologist, committed to helping Black people understand the impact of cultural and racial trauma on our lives.  Continue Reading
Defy the Lie of Black Inferiority In Order to Embrace the Truth of Black Humanity
CHN, in collaboration with the Association of Black Psychologists, is working to make 2019 the year in which we, as people of African ancestry, declare our freedom from the lie of Black inferiority. We want to walk boldly into the year 2020 with a more perfect vision of ourselves—a vision focused on the truth of our humanity.

Join us. Take the pledge to Defy the Lie and Embrace the Truth.
Each pledge will make us stronger as a global African community. Taking the pledge will make you part of a bold and growing global culture of resistance that is standing up to—and that will ultimately extinguish—the lie .  
Your donation to CHN's All Black Children Flourishing Fund
will help us:

  1. Support our 2018-2020 Global Truth Campaign and Tour;
  2. Train 700 additional Emotional Emancipation (EE) Circle Facilitators; and
  3. Build a global online community to connect, support, and empower EE Circle Facilitators and other local leaders to act as catalysts for healing and wellness.

Help us create a culture of emotional emancipation, healing, wellness, and empowerment in families and neighborhoods across the African Diaspora– so that Black children everywhere can move beyond surviving to flourishing. 

LEGAL NOTICES:  Emotional Emancipation Circles, EE Circles, EECs, Breathe, Baby, Breathe, Clearing the Way for Back Children to Flourish, and all related CHN marks and logos are service marks owned exclusively--and stewarded--by Community Healing Network, Inc. Local EEC facilitators, trainers, hosts, and organizers are wholly independent, and are not employees, agents, partners, or affiliates of Community Healing Network, Inc. or CHN's primary collaborator, the Association of Black Psychologists.