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Welcome to March, the month when daffodils and crocuses start to peek out and tell us spring is on its way. Flower Angels have been busy all winter cheerfully delivering love and flowers all across Cape Cod to those who need a little bit of sunshine to brighten their day. Here is one sentiment of gratitude we received about our mission:

Dear Flower Angels,
"I live in Connecticut so do not get to see my mom on Cape Cod as often as I would like. She has been feeling down in the dumps so I visited her last week. To my surprise, when I walked in the room she had a big smile on her face and pointed to the lovely antique teacup flower arrangement on her bedside table. She said the Flower Angels visited the nursing home and cheered up the day for many residents. You brought my mom such joy and I can't thank you enough for your kindness. What a beautiful charity! God bless each and everyone of you." Chloe S
Flower Angels mission of love is made possible by our dedicated and passionate army of volunteers who work tirelessly week after week to create and deliver beautiful kindness bouquets to the lonely and forgotten residents of Cape Cod nursing homes and hospice centers. As we rely solely on the donations and contributions of our generous sponsors and donors, we send our sincere gratitude to all those who support our important mission!

Read below about some wonderful coming events.............. 

Did you know 85% of residents living in nursing homes rarely receive a visitor and 60% never have a visitor? Flower Angels does not forget these wonderful people of Cape Cod.
Rally the Alleys!  Help support Flower Angels and come bowl with us!
We invite you  to participate in a special FUN event!
Event Date: 4/28/2017
Event Time: 5:00pm
Event Location: Ryan Family Amusements, South Yarmouth
This RALLY THE ALLEYS  FUNraiser will benefit Cape Cod's much loved Flower Angels, Habitat For Humanity, and Champ Homes. Each non profit is encouraged to recruit 10 teams for their charity. Teams consist of four players with one person designated as "Captain".  Each team member is encouraged
to raise a minimum of $200 for the non-profit of their choice that is participating......or a business, organization or individual may sponsor a whole team. Each team bowls two games with your choice of small or large balls. The team with the highest combined overall points and the team with the highest fundraising dollar amount will be recognized at the end of the event. Prizes will also be awarded to any player who bowls a "turkey" (3 strikes in a row) during the game. Each team is welcome to create their team name and their own costume.  Complimentary food and beverages will be provided. It is sure to be fun for all!   

Come join us!  Help us raise money for our important mission of love. Organize your own team of 4, or sponsor a Flower Angels volunteer team and the Angels will bowl.  You can also just make a donation to Flower Angels for the event which will be gratefully accepted.  Contact Suzanne Carter at grace@flowerangelsusa.org  or call 508-280-9869 to sign up. We would love to have you join this important fundraiser for Flower Angels.
Sue is a fabulous floral designer as well as a Pat's fan!
March 26: Boston Flower and Garden Show.....  Come see the Flower Angels in action!

March 26: Boston Flower and Garden Show at the Seaport World Trade Center
The theme this year is "SuperHeroes of the Garden" and Flower Angels was chosen as a SuperHero to do a flower demo for the audience. Our amazing Flower Angels Sharon, Sue, and Gail will be doing a "Bouquets of Happiness" demo on the mirrored stage at 2:00 PM. Come see our creative and artistic Angels in action. Flower Angels is fortunate to be able to take many flowers from the show back to the workshop to repurpose into our special kindness bouquets to be delivered to the wonderful people of Cape Cod.

Boost Your Health With the Power of Flowers
     Dr. David Eifrig Jr.

I never really understood my dad's flowers until he died...

Every day for most of the last 35 years of his life, my dad wore a flower in his lapel. Somewhere he found a tiny, silver lapel pin called a "bud vase." So every few days, he would pluck a flower from his garden, or wherever he could find one, and stick it in his personal vase. A few drops of water kept the flower alive.

At first, I thought it was an odd affectation to pick up when he did - in his 50s. Until then, he had looked and acted like the typical "guy's guy." He wore a white T-shirt with a flattop haircut in the '50s, and a coat and narrow tie as he sipped martinis at lunch in the '60s...

But by the late '70s, that attitude didn't cut it anymore. Dad changed with the times and made the effort to become softer and kinder...

Later in his life, I asked him about this shift. He attributed it to the flowers he started wearing in his lapel at the time. I didn't really believe him until his memorial, when stories about his lapel flower filled the room. Person after person spoke about how those flowers had cheered them up on many a dark day. People who wouldn't have normally stopped to chat had struck up conversations when they saw him with his flower. They had treated him like a friendly old man, and he had returned their kindness.

As my dad saw firsthand, the beauty of fresh flowers can influence our moods and even change the behavior of others.
From the Retirement Millionaire Daily      Dr. David Eifrig Jr.
Gail - floral designer extraordinaire

Irene and a special friend

Sharon- a truly talented designer

One study in Evolutionary Psychology reported on people 55 and older who received one or more bouquets of fresh flowers in a two-week period. These folks not only had better moods but also had better memory recall.

In another study, researchers at Harvard Medical School placed fresh flowers in the kitchens of participants who reported feeling tired and depressed during their morning "slumps." Seeing the flowers every morning gave them an increase in energy and left them feeling more relaxed and compassionate throughout the day.

Flowers help your health, too. A landmark study in 1984 demonstrated that surgical patients who had hospital rooms with windows looking out onto trees in a garden had shorter recovery times than patients whose windows looked out onto brick walls. Patients who saw the garden also had fewer negative notes in their files from the nurses and needed fewer painkillers.

Several follow-up studies support the idea of greenery as a boost to wellness. In a 2008 paper published by the American Society for Horticultural Science, hospital patients recovering from surgery responded better when they received fresh flowers. These patients needed less pain medication and had lower blood pressure and anxiety compared with patients who didn't receive flowers.           -Retirement Millionaires Daily

Flower Angels knows the power of Flowers! To date we have delivered over 24,000 bouquets of love and kindness.  Want to help us? Go to www.flowerangelsusa.com to learn more about our important mission.
Flower Angels is welcoming "Angels" to join our amazing team. Please consider joining us. 
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 Did you know 85% of people living in Nursing Homes rarely have a visitor and 60% never have a visitor?  Help us reach out to this forgotten population.  Your tax deductible charitable donation will help Flower Angels USA continue this important mission.  100% of donations benefit the wonderful people of Cape Cod. 



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