Perry's Brazil Mission Journal, September 1st 2017
After nearly 4 months of no rain...
Only God can turn water, seed, and dirt into a beautiful work of art that dies, and even then, turns into a tasty healthy piece of FRUIT!
So... As a missionary. We live at our a Christian ministry and retreat center you helped us build, surrounded by the Atlantic Jungle that God built all by himself! That we use for youth and family ministry via fairly radical mountain related activities, we have a Bible study once a week, go to church once a week that same evening. We have adult, youth, adolescent, slum, school, and training programs as often as we can afford to schedule them. Host other churches and ministry events. I perform baptisms. We travel 3 times a year to the Amazon Jungle. Counsel and encourage those who visit. Preach at church 6 times a year. Help support a dozen other missions, programs and families. Donate towards fuel and projects continually and when we are not doing any of that... I fix things around the ranch 40 hours a week... Sometimes it seems this is all we do! LOL!  I just finished redoing two 20+ year old bathrooms, with new granite walls... Because the WOOD ONES didn't quite last! (Who puts wood in a shower?) Built a portable fire truck unit, Ashley during this time of the year rotates the hoses around the ranch running spring water 24 hours a day so the grass can barely survive 4 months with no rain. In all this we stop to see the flowers and the beauty we live in ... My predominant thought on all this is "My goodness what heaven must hold for us, because I already live in Paradise!". Would you believe in all this, sometimes I feel like we don't do enough... Somebody out there feel that way?! I'm so glad Salvation is by Grace! Because no matter how many good works I do, it's never enough to even show my gratitude for what He has given us in our salvation! Imagine trying to earn your salvation! It's like trying to make a flower from dirt! Only God can turn water, seed, and dirt into a beautiful work of art that dies and even then turns into a tasty healthy piece of FRUIT!
Daniel has arrived! 
Monthly we send support to 6 families in the Amazon. Carlos and Natalia are one of those families, they previously had just 2 daughters and work tirelessly in the heat of the Amazon to take care of the boats, work in the church, reach out to the indigenous and to the locals in town as well. They live on next to nothing and many times have barely enough support to buy food after they pay their bills and rent of $100 a month.  
Family of 5! 
Former Amazon Special Forces.
The home they rented was a total wreck when they moved in.  I was taken back by the humble spirit of thankfulness they had the day I saw it helping them move in. A leaking roof, water marks up the walls, rotted roof beams, paint peeling off the walls and piles of old rubbish and broken junk piled in the yard. All this and yet all they had to say was how thankful they were to have a home!

Today they have less than a month to come up with $11,111 (today's exchange rate, exactly) or they will have to move out.  The house can be bought for cash, they have raise about 2,000 and Ashley and I will give another 1,000 towards the one payment purchase.  They will need money for a survey, taxes, and documents etc. Several months ago we already had a donation for them to fix up all the nasty stuff in the house so now it is nicely painted and very livable! Though the yard is still a wreck! The economy is really bad right now and this price just goes up every month as the nation slowly recovers, if we can't pay for it by the end of the month the owner will put it on the market for twice the price; which is still a good deal. Please help us be a blessing to this family and to our Amazon Missionary team! Who can buy a 3 bedroom house for 10k! WOW! It also has store room and 3 kitchenettes! (VERY SMALL ONES!) 
HEY! I'm 5 days old today and my name is Daniel!
Street Crusades
The presence of God!
Recently Chad Daniel was here and we did a series of meetings in the street, parks, churches and here at the ranch. If you click on the link below you will see Chad's side of the story about their time here with us in Brazil. He did a much better job in his news letter than I did! You'll Love it! He is also one of the international ministries we support. His major focus is here in Brazil reaching thousands of youth a year. We are already planning for next year and expecting great things! THIS IS THE LINK TO CLICK ON!

This is Pastor Nielton (far right) another of our beloved Amazon ministry team friends! He and his team provide water filters in the villages that do not yet have wells! Another update is that the huge engine problem that had plagued "Liberty" is fixed. They/we needed several thousand in additional funds to fix it and praise God they were able to raise the money and fix the engine and also put in fuel/water separators on all the engines so the damage won't happen again!
Just a coat of paint
Nice work Ashley
When I'm gone and many times when I'm not, Ashley tackles some pretty big projects too! This was "Just" a paint job and my mom helped make some new curtains. There were several building we have been freshening up over the last six months that had never been painted in 20 years!  This is one of the cabins at Living Stones Ranch. 

Ashley's decorations from yard sales and donations makes the retreat cabin feel like a home! 

On a personal level I am having some serious issues with my left arm. I hurt it nearly 2 years ago and it has never permanently healed. Epicondilitis /tendonitis and a torn tendon in my shoulder/bicep connector. Between the two of them I have stressed my right arm to the point of hurting it trying to compensate for the weak left arm. I am now dealing with how I can not work for the next three months of therapy and surgery. The therapist says my elbow is so inflamed I shouldn't be typing, even on my phone. Any way I need to pay for the therapy and exercise routine at the gym to get everything back in shape. I definitely could use some financial help because the insurance won't cover everything. Especially hiring someone to do all the stuff I can't be doing for the next few months. I'm having to reschedule a good bit of my life while still waiting for the response from the hospital for a date on the surgery. Not fun.
Climbing a tree to water the grass better!
My sister said "If you cut the grass more often you wouldn't have to climb so high!!!" LOL! Actually  I'm just up here tying off the sprayer so it covers more ground! Beautiful tree too.
My ranch fire truck!!! Unfortunately at the first fire we went to help out at, as a community service to the men who help keep our ranch safe... I had to tow it home because the transmission broke... I really would like to upgrade to a new farm truck; about 30 years newer! LOL! (1974)
Having lunch on a workday with our ranch workers and our pastor, these people are also the family of our Bible study group on Sunday. Please pray for them as they figure out how to navigate water baptism with a strong Catholic family roots. We will be baptizing one of the other Bible study members on Sunday! PTL!
Health and Prayer Updates!

This weekend we are hosting a deaf and mute camp for youth. Keep them and their ministry leaders in your prayers. We work with 5 teams here that work in specialized areas with youth and in the slums. We want to do more for them!
If you have What's App please send a word now and then. Miss you all! +55-319-9293-0555

"living stones ranch". has a face book page too. Some nice photos there now and then. We have a personal page too if your interested. Amazon Alfred, or Paul Alfred Perry on FB 

Paul & Ashley  Perry 
Global Equip Ministries
Till we run our of rope and rivers!

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