Newsletter - May 2020
Flowtrend EU and Star Fluids Madrid To Work With Large Barcelona Dairy Group
Expanding Flowtrend EU's Reach in Spain
Flowtrend Distributor Star Fluids Madrid is now working with a large dairy group in Barcelona, after completing a successful testing program at several local production sites.

The company recently placed its first big order for Flowtrend parts and components, thus expanding the reach of Flowtrend EU’s brand in Spain. Javier Weigand of Star Fluids says the company will partner with his group on other plant part and production needs going forward. “I’m so pleased we had the support of Flowtrend EU and US as we worked on this…Jesper and Jan were invaluable with their support. I received a call yesterday from the company headquarters, and their management team relayed that we should be incredibly proud of the production efficiency our parts helped deliver, and that we should be excited for what our future partnership will bring.”  
Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Doing our PART to Support Food and Beverage Manufacturers
The food and agriculture infrastructures that support groceries, pharmacies, and various food and beverage retailers are critical industries that rely on continuous production performance.

At Flowtrend, we are committed to producing high-quality parts and components that provide food and beverage manufacturers the opportunity to reduce operating costs while improving performance.

From beginning to end, Flowtrend is there behind the scenes. Our new home page video connects the importance of sanitary fluid production to the food and drinks we enjoy with loved ones everyday.

Click here to see the video on our website.
Flowtrend ProcessCare ®
Maintenance Tips for Ongoing Preventative Measures
We've just launched our new YouTube series Maintenance Minute with Mitch!
Our Flowtrend ProcessCare ® Lead Technician, Mitch Jenneman, will cover industry questions to help you invest in smarter solutions.

Topics include:

  • Common industry mistakes and unknowns
  • Developing a preventative maintenance program for sanitary fluid handling
  • Identifying equipment breakdowns etc. 

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Here's what's coming up in June, "Cleaning Tips for Hygienic Valves."

Flowtrend Quality Control Commitment
At Flowtrend, we stand by our commitment to continually improve our quality control process and provide defect free products that are delivered on time to our customers.
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Flowtrend, Inc. is an international leader in the design and manufacture of cost-effective, reliable alternative fluid-handling products and in-plant services, with offices located in Houston, Texas, Vejen, Denmark, and Wenzhou, China. We partner with distributors globally to provide exceptional value on sanitary parts, components, and plant services maintenance services for the food, beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical industries.