When's the Best Time for a Flu Shot? Now.

Have you gotten your flu shot yet?

According to a recent report on KAIT, northeast Arkansas already has seen some cases of the flu. 

Dr. Kasey Holder, vice president of medical affairs for St. Bernards Medical Center, says ideal timing for the flu shot is before the end of October. But don't worry about being late - just get that shot soon.

Check out Dr. Holder's interview above to learn more. And if you are looking for  somewhere to get your flu shot, check out stbmedicalgroup.com to find a primary care provider today. 

Construction Update: New Entrance for the Emergency Department

There is officially a new entrance for the St. Bernards Emergency Department, making access to care easier for patients across the region. 
A large EMERGENCY sign on South Church Street marks the entrance for patients arriving by private vehicle. 
Drivers should proceed to the covered entrance just beyond a sign that says "Patient Drop Off." After letting out ambulatory patients, drivers can loop back and park in a designated ED patient lot between Church Street and the medical center.

For more information, please call the St. Bernards Healthline at 870.207.7300. 
St. Bernards Senior Housing
Accepting Applications

After  Anna  Adkins underwent physical therapy at St. Bernards Villa, she decided she wanted to live there. 

Y ou can learn more about Anna's experience by watching this video .

Between St. Bernards Villa, St. Bernards Village and the Benedictine Manor, St. Bernards has the options your family needs when it comes to senior housing.  St. Bernards offers independent apartments, memory care, and two levels of assisted living for seniors age 55 and up.

For more information, or to learn more, please visit stbseniorhousing.com or call 870.932.8141.

Physician Spotlight: Dr. Joseph Kosinski

Growing up, Dr. Joseph Kosinski knew he wanted to pursue a career in science. After earning an undergraduate degree in chemistry from Notre Dame, he worked for several years as a chemist, studying in a lab.

"I enjoyed chemistry, but the work was so dry," he said. "I wanted to interact and work with people every day. I felt that serving as a physician was my true calling, so I went to Indiana University in pursuit of a medical degree."

After graduating from medical school, he completed a family practice residency at Memorial Regional Medical Center in South Bend.

Dr. Kosinski remained in Indiana for the first 18 years of his practice, then he, his wife Marjorie and their five children - three daughters and two sons - moved to Arkansas in 2003.

"We like that Jonesboro is a growing community," he said. "People are tight-knit, and it has a very small-town feel. I love the southern hospitality. When you meet people, they are usually very warm and welcoming."

To learn more about Dr. Kosinski, please visit the Blog from the Heart. To make an appointment with Dr. Kosinski at the  First Care/FastCare clinic at 333 Red Wolf Boulevard, please call 870.972.8181.

How to Avoid Distracted Driving

We've all seen it, and perhaps even done it: Looked at the cell phone while driving.
The Dangers of Talking on the Phone While Driving
You are four times more likely to get into a car crash if you are talking on a cell phone. Reaching for the phone, dialing it and talking all take your attention away from driving.
Even hands-free phones are not that safe. When drivers use hands-free phones, they do not see or hear things that can help them avoid a crash. This includes stop signs, red lights and pedestrians. About 25 percent of all car crashes involve cell phone use, including hands-free phones.
Texting and Driving: Even More Dangerous
Texting while driving is even more risky than talking on a phone. 
When you text, your eyes are off the road for an average of 5 seconds. At 55 mph, a car travels half the length of a football field in that length of time. A lot can happen in that time span.
Use these tips to steer clear of distractions while driving:
  • DO NOT multitask. Before you turn on your car, finish eating, drinking and grooming. Program your audio and navigation systems before you start to drive.
  • When you get in the driver's seat, turn off your phone and place it out of reach. If you are caught using a phone while driving, you may risk a ticket or fine. Arkansas law has banned texting while driving for people of all ages. 
For more information about distracted driving, check out the Blog from the Heart.

St. Bernards Welcomes 
Project SEARCH Interns
St. Bernards recently hosted a kick-off for the Project SEARCH program,
 a nine-month vocational training program designed to lead to competitive, integrated employment outcomes for young adults with developmental disabilities.

Eight interns at St. Bernards work in departments including Central Supply, Laundry, Nursing, Dietary Services and Health & Wellness. In each of these areas, interns are learning processes and marketable work skills, moving them toward gainful employment.

Check out this video from KJNB CBS to learn more!