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  November 14, 2011



The Case Against Fluoride

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Another town's residents have voted to stop adding fluoride to their drinking water, and several business owners have started their own local fluoride-free campaigns, bringing greater attention to this important issue.


On November 8th, voters in Amesbury, Massachusetts officially ended 44 years of fluoridation for the town's 16,500 residents.  Amesbury had stopped adding sodium fluoride to the drinking water in February of 2009 because their poor quality, low-bid fluoride chemicals were clogging up their equipment with an unknown insoluble residue.  Since 2009, local health officials have been working to convince the city to continue adding fluoride.  The local Board of Health requested that the issue be brought before voters for approval, and the board voted 3 to 1 to recommend a "yes" vote on the ballot question.  Fortunately, residents spoke out in opposition to fluoridation, and formed Stop Fluoride in Amesbury to educate their neighbors.  In the end, 55% of the voters rejected the Board of Health's recommendation, and voted against fluoridation.


Business owners are joining the fight to end fluoridation locally, bringing more attention to the issue, and helping influence decision-makers:


-In Austin, Texas the owner of Hopdoddy Burgers uses reverse osmosis filters to remove the fluoride from the water they serve to customers and use for cooking.  They advertise this fact locally, and have joined the residents of Austin calling for an end to fluoridation.


-In Watsonville, California Martinelli's apple juice publicly opposes water fluoridation, and uses well water in their juice rather than the local water, which is fluoridated.  On their webpage discussing their position on fluoridation, they even urge customers to watch FAN's film, "Professional Perspectives".


-In Portland, Maine the owners of GRO Cafe and Bonobos kicked off a campaign to collect petition signatures to get a referendum vote on fluoridation.  Their motivation was originally a campaign to get restaurants to stop using bottled water, called "Take Back the Tap", but found that the only way to truly take back the tap was to increase the quality of the drinking water by removing fluoride. 


Businesses can be very powerful allies in any campaign against fluoridation, and can often add a great deal of influence, media attention, and support for a campaign.  If you live in a fluoridated community, why not ask your favorite restaurant to join the fight.  When you go for a meal, be armed with a petition or official statement for them to sign, like this:
"I am a restaurant owner in Town X.  My customers are asking me to remove fluoride from the water I serve to them and use when cooking their food.  Removing the fluoride with a filtration system would cost my business a lot of money.  It would make more sense for everyone if the city was to stop adding fluoride chemicals to our drinking water. It is not necessary (fluoride works topically not from inside the body) and there are many health concerns (www.fluoridealert.org)."

Urge the owner(s) to sign it, then put it in an envelope addressed to your city council.  If several restaurants send in these letters, your local council will almost certainly take notice.
Great Book Review & Radio Interview


On November 10th, MichiganScience Magazine published a great review of the book, "The Case Against Fluoride".  The reviewer, Russ Harding, is a senior policy analyst at the Mackinac Center for Public policy, and a former director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  Harding calls the book a "must read", and credits it with being "well written and easily understood by a lay person without scientific knowledge," while also being "well documented".


Also this week, Dr. Paul Connett and Dr. Bill Osmunson were interviewed by Andy Oudman and Pam Killeen of 1290 AM CJBK radio in London, Ontario.  You can listen to the interview in it's entirety here.


Fluoride Films


Recently, two new films have been produced by independent filmmakers bringing attention to the risks and dangers association with fluoridation. 


In Australia, Sapphire Eyes Productions has release their film FireWater.  It's a groundbreaking indictment of Australia's mandatory water fluoridation policy, featuring health and scientific professionals, State Members of Parliament, former MP's, activists, sufferers and concerned citizens. The film exposes the truth about the industrial-grade fluoridation chemicals used to fluoridate Australian public water supplies.


In the United States, filmmakers Paul Wittenburger and Chris Maple (Framing the World Productions) have made The Great Culling.  The film explores the direct connection between environmental toxins, including fluoride, and the current epidemic of neurological disorders that are on the rise.


We also invite you to visit FAN's YouTube channel where we've uploaded over 30 videos, including our film Professional Perspectives and and interview with Christopher Bryson about The Fluoride Deception.




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