HI Guys
Hope you are all well and loving life.
Its been a while, somehow my life has gotten a tad busy. Managed near the end of the season. To have some great clients All had fun and catching plenty cracking trout. Read on below.

The main thing that's been keeping me out the picture is my focus on writing which seems to be everyday and night that's spare.You will see the list of chapters above from the new book CHASING TIGERS - It's twice as many pages as Jungle Blues and a roller-coaster of another great true adventure fishing story.

I'll be needing and asking for all your amazing help again. To be able to publish it. So soon I'll be crowd funding to hopefully make it happen. I've allready done thousands of hours of work on it- which is all unpaid - this is not about making money- its about giving you something creative and fun, and yes its been creative and fun for me as well. Plus I get to tell a great story. So watch this space. Get ready.

In the mean time between that book the third book -OUT COME THE DOGS- another true story. For example, I've just doing the 4th re-write of it and just on this re-write alone, I've spent 270+ hours these past 5 weeks. And it's not finished. That's before all the other amazing pro creative help starts from the A team fairies. Covers done and looking sexy though. Will show you all soon.

I've been trying for two years to catch the local falcon nailing my neighbors chickens in action with my camera- finally I got to see how it catches them and the technique it uses as normally falcons target flying birds.

To escape writing and other work. I've been making arty shit. From stuff I've had laying around. As you can see Trigger has been helping. If you can call watching helping.

Jungle blues got a great review in Finland. As you can see in the photo. I have not got a clue what it says as its all in Finnish. Though I'll say its a great review :). Also it s had some other great magazine reviews ,i,ll post them later. Oh! check out and listen to the podcast review of Jungle Blues- below from BENT- the meat eater media guys

Oh! all the past last operations I had this past 12 months- that I never wanted! who does? went well and have all healed. Thank you all that asked.
Slight issue now, is that I have a very bad limp caused with a spinal issue and nerves. So that's not so good. Though I'm still smiling, positive and hopefully at some stage. I can get more spinal fusion work to help put things right. Again not what one really wants. Fingers crossed it happens sooner rather than later. 4 x 4 Wheelchair is ready. I can't be stopped.

Above you will see the x-ray of John from Australia my good client, his new knee operation, which I'm happy to hear was a success. He's already booked in for next season.To make him feel better in the photo you will see that I lent him my middle leg !

Note- the powers to be, To help with things have added a donation/Tip page to the web site- keep that in mind- plus you can buy some flies- books- caps- all help is always very much appreciated.

Thanks Stu & Trig's
This Season, there was no tourist fishermen and the locals all had a ball. The trout were everywhere and not as spooky.
The fishing was some of the best locals have ever had.
You could go anywhere and fish and the chances were, no one would be at that spot.
It will never be that quite again, and was a one off- as when travel restrictions are lifted - it will be back to normal - and still an amazing world class trout fishery
MARG - Shows the guys- how its done.
Never knew anything about fly fishing, Attended my NZ fly fishing school and then took her time and also participated in a few extra casting lessons. Then we went out on a few guided fishing trips.
She put it all together and susses was had- she learned how to do it the best way and had some amazing days on the rivers. catching a few minnows and the odd cousin of jaws.

Just before the season and summer finished.
Trigger suggest a place we should go and get a story for the NZ books we are working on, we already have 10 stories which is around 3 NZ books worth though another good one can never go amiss.

Its always good to have the material, as never know when you can get it again as its fishing.

Trigger set up the camp and as you can see.

Then she chased a few monster trout around pools and had a ball doing that. Despite getting her nipples wet and seriously splashed a few times.

Yes that's pink RIO C&R fly line! As you can see this massive brown trout. Was well behaved for the photo. Though who would not be, with that barrel pointing at you?

We had an amazing trip and we got an awesome story - just gotta find time to type the notes from the journal- Trigs has promised to help!

Going salt water fly fishing or chasing big fresh water fish.
This photo is a selection i just made up with a box for a top fly fisher. Who is off to Aitutaki fly fishing since the travel bubble has opened up there.

Click below. To listen to the pod cast from Bent when and where they review Jungle Blues book. These are the guys from the meat eater media show- They wrote to me to say they loved the book Jungle blues- always good to hear- fun guys.

A lovey guy with a small business putting a zip in waders. Only hope he has the idea protected from the big guys and they don't steal it. I,m sure it will help increase willy water flow. And also may help increase pregnancy chances for some, when it needs to happen now! for the best chance.

You cant take the Scottish out of Danny- Full of amazing tricks and talent. Don't try it at home

This is blew my mind, so interesting. Yet so, very, very sad and shocking.

GREAT TALENT from an amazing woman.

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