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Hello, I hope you are all surviving well in lock down. Nothing has change here we are always in isolation in Athol . Just letting you all know the online shop is still open and everything is wiped down and cleaned hourly and all orders are packed in a sterile environment, just to make sure you know I do care about you all.

Though your pretty safe with anything from this isolated wee shop in the middle of nowhere, with no staff only myself and Trigger and no contact to others. So get shopping and support this wee shop :). Please spread the word and post the news letter on your social media sites or send to your friends, it may make them smile. :) I appreciate all your help.

Trigger has been helping this morning we start most days early and I,m down stairs in the office at 5.30 most mornings and cant keep up with all my work i reckon I have 5 weeks of 7 days a week, catch up then I can start work on two old book projects (vol1 and vol -2 )with a settled mind. Trig's this morning is pretty proud of herself she caught two mice and played with them until they were lifeless and i certainly was not promoting catch and release.There seems to be plenty around the town at the moment.

This morning there was a NZ falcon hunting in my garden and caught a blackbird. Pretty cool to watch nature and be around it not sure the poor blackbird was impressed with the out coming though, a quick death!.

Last night there was small spindly mayfly spinners on my window from the Upper Mataura river that's just across from my house. Amazing that thee little mayfly nymphs survive the big floods.

My second last client before lock down caught a 6lb rainbow trout and after it was released, I noticed a few mins later something flashing in the water a big eel had grabbed it and had it by the tail , I some how managed to scoop up the eel and the trout escaped, trigger was very impressed but wary of the strange creature in the net , a funny looking trout she no doubt was thinking . :)

I,m so glad I live in NZ and in Athol in times like these and NZ has to be one of the best countries to be in at the moment. I,m so glad the NZ government has come up with a plan to help us with some money and now i can stall my mortgage payments for a while and have some money for food, to hopefully get through these tough times, until things turn around eventually. I do feel for all the third world countries that are about to be affected, fingers are crossed for you all. Goes to show there is no use telling yourself to do things later, next season,next year,next month in life you never know when your world will change. I,m a do it now kind of person, feet first think later ! Which honestly sometimes does not work out :) but its all fun. :)

I,m used to being on my own for long periods the introvert/extrovert I am, though for many it will be a strange experience, some will come out for the better others not so, so look out for your neighbors please. For example I just realized back in Scotland my Mum and Dad are in lock down and cant change there library books, so I ordered some books on line for them as a gift to keep them enjoying reading and books.

I've put this news letter out to try and keep you all entertained especially with all the goodies on offer and all the cool videos, for you to lay in bed at night and watch and stop you having sex! I hope you enjoy it it takes many hours to put together, Thank you all for also sending me comments and content. Very much appreciated.

Some of my fly fishing bum friends went to some islands before lockdown and had some great fun using a range of my saltwater flies, goes to show I don't just design and sell fresh water flies.

More book updates in the next news letter and hopefully a video explain what I definitely will need help with for this kick starter project. I promise not to disappoint you all. :)

Oh! check out the top quality caps I have now for sale , better quality than what all the big names offer, that's because I don't do it all, for money, though I do realize it bloody helps :) in times like these. Stay safe all of you.

Stu & Trigger

I decided to wash my rod covers(yes I am a clean freak) and look what was inside them, even though i have broken and given away so many fly rods through the years. I still have quite an assortment, just shows the fly fishing geek in me, though i know some of you will have double that amount of fly rods :), next i have to stock take and sort out my reels,fly boxes and fly lines.

Hopefully the winter fishing season will happen in the north island , here is just a small sample of the recommended flies for winter fishing that are constantly bought by many Taupo, Turangi, North Island fly fishing customers.

The heavy weight of the nymph world.

These are on special Steel-head black nickle gama hooks, unlike what others will sell you, I don't want you loosing the fish of a life time.

- A great river mouth smelt pattern

Another good fly for the river mouths or drop offs at night.

The TREE CAMO CAP- The first of the Sexy range. Limited.

Now on the backs of the new caps are those magic words NEW ZEALAND embroidered on them , which is hidden behind the Flexi fit band so you don't feel any rubbing on the back of your head like with other caps. Nothing but the best quality for you all. Remember there is even more cap and hat offerings and styles on the web site.


Decorate your fridge, man cave, vehicle or body with these cool stickers rated the best fish decals in the industry, they are pretty cool and will last over 7 years in direct sun . Well my ones have:)

Khaki- flexi fit brand- cap -one size fits - M- XL size .

Chocolate - flexi fit brand- cap -one size fits - M- XL size .

We got this rare brown chocolate fish to take a deadly cicada this summer, my client was going to release though decided to eat it instead. :)

After I watched a Starling rip out the eggs and eat them of the first attempt by the NZ Swallows trying to nest and raise their family in my wood shed, they finally succeeded :) and it's great to see them grown up and flying around catching flies and more so the pesky wasps. I did help them by feeding the Starling in question a .22 slug. :) to help them on there quest.
If you are bored in the house, I thoroughly recommend one of these that i just purchase, so much fun hunting flies and wasps in the house. Though I'm pretty sure, I'm going to end up breaking something before long. Well worth the few dollars they cost , great entertainment.
Did you know? That it is very easy to order a custom selection of flies from Stu. Boxed or unboxed.
Stu can easily put together a great selection of the best flies for when, where, species and country you're fishing. Stu wants you to catch fish. Only the best flies are used in all the selections and tied only on the strongest fly hooks.

Did you know? That there is a SALES SPECIALS page on the site , full of bargains.

Here Is Paul Arden from SEXYLOOPS with seven years worth of Snakehead shot footage, not much really for that length of time . It's the most challenging fishery i have ever fished in and loved it. I spent quarter of a year with him well looking for him most of the time round the lake, oh what fun. He makes it look easy believe me it's defiantly not, you can go days(week) without a single cast sometimes and when you do it does not mean you actually even get a follow let alone a hook up. He's a bloody legend in the real world of fly fishing and encoraged more people to fly cast and get better at it, than anyone else in the world with his web site.
If your at home and want to watch a great movie and help an amazing couple who travel the states and beyond fly fishing and making cool films, support some real people, then sit down and pay and watch this film.
Here is a well made film and its just not a trailer its 35 mins worth of cool shit , from snow, to large Steelhead in BC

Hopefully you don't need subtitles to understand(unnnerstoone) these guys , unlike myself :)

A well made film by the couple in the second film i listed, it makes me want to own one of these fly rods or at least the cool hoodie. :)

A Beautiful cover of a beautiful song , by a beautiful talented lady. Have i mentioned the word BEAUTIFUL :)

This guy should be nominated for something with his great lyrics and song writing, seems like people are still missing his amazing skills.

Great voice and happy song in a way!


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