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Hello , Hope your all having fun. :)

Its soon fathers day so why don't you treat your father to my book, a fly box full of Stu's Superior fly fly designs, cap or a gift voucher- they are all avalible here in this tiny little passionate fly shop at the end of the earth.

I set up a photo of me standing beside the new fire showing its height and how easy it is to burn your arse on its high lip. This is what happened at the start of the book, some people have said the stories in JUNGLE BLUES may not be true, believe me they are? Can't write fiction at all, that's why I get in trouble. :) Just wait till you read Chasing Tigers the follow up book! Your eyes will pop out :) at the fun, rawness and truth.

People have always said to me and many think my life is just one big dream. If only some people knew the truth! that it's not always what it seems. Who actually wants to read about the crap in life eh!.
Here's a fun shot of a recent hospital activity that I'd no choice in after borrowing a heap of dosh to finance it, it went ahead. All so that I'd hopefully walk properly and be pain free. Since I was paying for it, I made sure that I got to watch the op which was interesting and recommend if you're ever in that position- though hopefully not. Luckily I managed to pinch the bit they cut off - for Trigger, soup bone or more likely a knob for my trucks gear stick.

Dylan my carp fishing mate from Utha sent me some photos of his latest big carp he landed using some of my special carp flies- which you can get on the site, if you wish. The real reason he sent them i honestly thing is to make me jealous and you know what - its worked :)

Apparently through the UK and the USA tackle sales are going through the roof and shops cannot keep stock, strangely that is not the case here in NZ well for me and others I hear, so I,m thinking it maybe a little fib to create sales. Though I could easily be wrong and its due to seasons. The rest of the south islands fly fishing guides as well as myself are going to struggle this year though luckily none of us will die, many will leave the guiding industry never to return - that's going to be fact due to no work. So the waterways this year will be quite or maybe the opposite as many locals will launch themselves out there more than normal for a fish.

Before going to hospital I bought Trigger a big bone, It was so funny as at first she was actually scared of it, though eventually she got it down to a manageable size.

BOOK REVIEWS- Please write some reviews of JUNGLE BLUES on Amazon please- you don't need to have bought the book from there to write a review- reviews anywhere are awesome and a great help I appreciate them all. Thank you so much to those of you that have written a review - you rock:)

I am not much of a fly fisher, but after reading Jungle Blues, I was not only greatly entertained, but tempted to wade back into it." - Grant Dixon Managing editor, NZ Fishing News 19/08/2020

Paul Arden 4/08/2020
A great book! An exciting, romping read. Read it straight through in one sitting – to make sure there was nothing incriminating inside A fresh sense of fishing travel writing I reckon. I hope it’s really damned successful, Stu, I’m looking forward to reading the next one in the library!

Hi Stu
Just a note to say how much I enjoyed reading Jungle Blues! And to pass on my congratulations for getting it over the finish line – no small task! You left me full of appreciation for your efforts, well done!

It’s a great, easy read and captures those wonderful moments that true fishing tragics totally understand – the experiences, meeting people and the sheer wonder and beauty of the natural world. I often wonder whether other outdoor pursuits give the same degree of immersion and sense of joy that fishing does..
Take care you champion,Brian Lawrence - Australia 14/08/2020

Stu & Trigger


The heavy weight of the nymph world, comes in different sizes and gold or black bead- only available from Stu.

These are on special Steel-head black nickle gama hooks, unlike what others will sell you, I don't want you loosing the fish of a life time. Funny I do actually care what I sell apparently that's very unusual with the sale of flies? :)

Now on the backs of the new caps are those magic words NEW ZEALAND embroidered on them , which is hidden behind the Flexi fit band so you don't feel any rubbing on the back of your head like with other caps. Nothing but the best quality for you all. Remember there is even more cap and hat offerings and styles on the web site.

This is on my bucket list what an awesome wee film and discovery. I so want to go back there, Africa I miss it so much.
Just got to sell some stuff to afford it and get my leg moving, would love to go and live and write a book there- fingers crossed. :)

Jelly Roll- what a big talented dude - non fiction lyrics and singing at its best- getting some ideas for the next book from this dude.

Pebble Mine back in the news again- I so hope it does not go ahead- we humans have manage to wreck lots the world already when is it going to stop- what more do we need?


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