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helmet-goggles February 23, 2018

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The last two weeks at Tailwheel Town

Craig Bowen came out for a return engagement.  Craig informed me that when he came out last, we had not had a chance to fly the irrigation pivot.  So, naturally, we blasted over to the pivot in the PA12.  The owners had never seen the new plane over their field.  We had a blast before heading for Madras. 
Craig puts the Super Cruiser in the Irrigation Pivot

Mike Kloch and Peter King put on a good seminar/meeting for Local CFIs at Epic Aviation.  As I'd mentioned to Mike when he first invited me, I really only had one thing to bring up and that was the subject of constant position reports on the 122.8 ctaf.  So many of these calls come from aircraft in a practice area that is not really that close to Madras, where I often use the pattern, but they interrupt my own communications with my students when I'm there.  Maybe they'll use a frequency meant for such calls instead of crashing in on those of us in a pattern who need to talk to our students!  It was a very productive meeting also attended by reps from the Redmond Tower, airport managers and Seattle Center.
This week's new article on the Tailwheeler's Journal:

"Shaking Hands" is a little article about getting used to a different airplane.  I think that unconsciously I wrote this for Hooper and Janet.  Both of my kids have experience in different airplanes, but they are now undergoing some hardcore training in the Piper PA12.  They'll have to figure out the differences between that airplane and the Cessna 140 in which they have so much time, gliders from their time as "ramp rats" and the Cessna 172 in which they will probably take some dual from Sam Monte, as well as their check rides.  Since I've mentioned the phenomenon of "shaking hands" to so many of my students as well as my kids, I thought I'd include it in the Tailwheeler's Journal.

Old Article :

#51, "The Nudist Camp" by Gayle Crowder.  Here's an oldie but very much a goodie.  It's one of the earliest articles I posted on the Journal which was written by Gayle Crowder.  Gayle was a "Warf Rat" when we first became pals.  A "Warf

Gayle and her pals swappin' lies at Warf (photo by Bert Garrison).

 Rat" is a habituĂ© of Warf Airport, a wonderful little ramshackle airport in North Carolina.  Since her time there, she is now at Oregon Aero and owns a cool little Aircoupe. 

 She continues to be one of my favorite writers and I've always liked this little story of her adventures at Warf.  

(Left: Gayle and Dave over the nudist camp.  Photo by Chris Crowder.)


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