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The year 2020 will go down in infamy for the next one hundred years. Have you been inspired to do something different during the pandemic? Whether or not you feel it is worth sharing, we can tell you that others would love to hear from you. Your fellow members love hearing what's going on in various parts of the world. Share your aviation and music stories. Send them to  

Name the Musician/Member & the Instrument (Answer in the next newsletter)


Your NE ambassador, Greg Knowles, will be hosting a webinar on ZOOM this Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 6:30pm EDT. 

"The Realities of Copyrights and Publishing for the
Musician and the Composer"
If you are a songwriter or composer, you need to copyright your work, and you need to be aware of all the music publishing concepts so you can collect money for your work.  But... if you're a musician who performs or records works by other songwriters and composers, you need to know this information as well.  This seminar covers the ins and outs of copyrights.. when you need them, how to get them, how long do they last, and when you don't actually need them (fair use).  Just as important.. you need to understand the 4 types of music publishing:  mechanical, performance, sync, and print.  Critical for collecting money as either a songwriter or performer.  "Must know" information for anyone who is writing or performing in today's music industry!
Greg Knowles holds a doctorate in music and is on the music theory and music business faculty of The Juilliard School in New York City.  In addition to teaching, Greg is a record producer and co-owns Bimperl Entertainment & Media, a multi-platinum artist development company.  Very active with the Recording Academy (Grammy Awards), he spent almost 20 years on the Board of Governors, Board of Trustees, and 3 terms as Los Angeles President of the Academy.  Flying wise.. he is an ATP pilot and flight instructor on airplanes and of the few Ford Tri-motor captains around.
This webinar will be held on ZOOM
zoom meeting number:  973 8175 5800
zoom passcode:  035367


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Friendships - Opportunities - Advice - Assistance 
& Positive Influence

Seems like forever! The last I remember was returning from The NAMM Show in mid January of 2020. The trip was absolutely wonderful. I believed it was an omen for the year to come: Sun 'n Fun, Summer NAMM, AirVenture, DeLand Aviation Showcase, and many others sprinkled in between.  How wrong I and so many others were can only be realized now as we look back. I miss my aviation and music friends. I miss the personal exchange, the emotional reunions, the "see you next event/year" endings to a successful show, the eye contact, and yes... The Hugs! My prediction for 2021 is that it will be an AWSOME year! 

First out of the gate will be the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase at (KDED). This event was to be held in November 2020 but was moved out to January 28-30, 2021. FMA will be there. Will you? Hope so! Visit Florida to assist with outreach, jam with fellow members and new friends while reconnect with the aviation world.

Sun 'n Fun is up next in Lakeland, Florida (KLAL) April 13-18, 2021. Summer NAMM in Nashville still looks like a go and the granddaddy of them all, AirVenture, is scheduled for July 26- August 1, 2021.

We are nurturing two FMA Solo recipients this year out of 37 nominees while assisting several more. Conversing with these youthful members has shed light on the way some of us perceive the world (doomsday) while the youth take it all in stride. What bright future we have with them in it.

Please visit the FMA Solo blog site created six years ago - - read the post from the various students and offer you congratulations. Jake from Pennsylvania soloed last month while Jake from Ohio is working hard at Kent State to do the same... shortly.

The floor for nominations is now open. Nominees for the 2021 FMA Solo program, our seventh year, will shortly be arriving. In spite of the current world affairs, we should still be able to award scholarships in 2021. Your support in making 2020 a banner year of nominees - new student members - will be much appreciated.

The Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award was awarded to Paul Villa of California. Paul is a very active member who is always there when needed. He has donate to FMA in order that others can sport an FMA shirt. This could not have gone to a more disserving pilot/member. Paul was also very instrumental in providing hospitality during my recent trip to The NAMM Show back in January. Time constraints did not allow me to take Paul up on many of the opportunities but next time I'm in California, I plan to do so.

When you travel, look at the FMA Map and reach out to fellow pilot musicians. Don't forget to share pictures because we know you will have a blast!

Your ideas, thoughts, concerns, or compliments are always welcome.  Send an email, a text, a letter, or just pick up the phone. Love hearing from you all.

Blue Skies,

Ambassador News

With lots of virtual events happening this year, most of us are burned out on virtual. Online events were novel at the start of this year but soon gave way to yearnings of personal contact. Let's hope that more of you are inspired to attend local events while performing outreach for FMA. Ambassadors are the glue that holds us together. They are the ones who answer questions, represent FMA, inspire others to get involved al the while keeping the lines of communication open. Consider jumping on the FMA Ambassador Bandwagon.

Don Bilbrey - Ohio Ambassador
I am hold up here in Ohio, like most things moving very slowly through the year. Wish this Pandemic would pass so we can get on with life. 

Still playing out however the gigs are sparse and require social distancing. We've had a few fly-outs that were nice. Got some new guitars and have met some very good people over the year. 

I did win a trophy here for best band in a cancer benefit for some local friends. 
Stay safe - Don

Jeff Auen - Mid-Atlantic Ambassador
W48 (I've been airport manager for nearly two years now) has received a state grant to pay for security fencing to keep ATVs and Motorcycles off the runways. Vandalism has spiked this year. This was a process begun in March and we will finally have a fence next month. We also paved a large area to help keep stones off taxiways. Our FBO has been undergoing a facelift using donated materials and all volunteer labor. There's a significant amount of work still to be done but we are determined. 
My duo, Change of Pace hasn't played live since February. We have done monthly live streams on FB which have been successful from a numbers standpoint. Bob and I are working with Antsy McClain in Nashville. We plan to head down there and record an album of originals ASAP. We have produced three episodes so far of "Baltimore Bob" which is available on YouTube. It's a short comedy sketch we created as a diversion during Covid days. 
I've still managed to fly 170 hours so far this year so I'm thankful for that. I'm flying the Aircam from Baltimore to Sebring in November for a complete checkup and annual. I've done the annual for five years and I think it's a good time for another set of eyes. Claudius Klimt and I are keeping the Bristell busy as well and it just went through its annual inspection.  It flies like a dream. 
I sure do miss performing live and attending regular song circles/jams. Like everyone else I miss the fly-ins and airshows as well.  

Louise Vickerman - Northwest Ambassador
After being furloughed from the symphony in March due to Covid-19 I found more time & no excuse to fly, that stimulus check turned straight into avgas! As a volunteer pilot for Angel Flight West we had all our passenger transport halted (it has since resumed under strict guidelines) but were put to work transporting essential supplies & PPE down to the Navajo Nation in the Four Corners region in partnership with UT based charity With Love From Strangers: 

I turned the 182 into a cargo plane ferrying 200-300lbs of supplies at a time directly to the clinics in Tuba City & Chinle AZ & Gallup NM amongst the little airports we could fly into. The missions could be challenging due to runway conditions, altitude & the extreme heat but getting to fly over some of the most spectacular landscape in the country was unforgettable. 
Amazingly in September the Utah Symphony resumed performing live concerts, one of the very few orchestras in the country to achieve this in the midst of a pandemic! We conducted detailed studies over the summer in collaboration with engineers from the University of Utah of the airflow in our venues & came up with a comprehensive safety plan to enable us to return to work & create a safe environment for the musicians & audience -

The response from our audiences has been overwhelmingly positive & we are forging ahead with programming for the rest of the season & even just successfully staged our first opera of the season in the Capitol Theater downtown. 

Josh Homet - Michigan Ambassador
Like has been chaotic, but manageable here in Michigan during these pandemic months. My wife and I are both considered essential employees (she's in forensics), so we've felt very blessed during these hard times. Despite the hardships, I've been settling into my new fleet/program quite well. In fact, just this week I completed another milestone as a new Gulfstream captain. For the first 100 hours of being PIC in the aircraft, our company requires higher minimums for airports and approaches as an added margin of safety. During this rotation I crossed the 100 hour mark as PIC and am now considered a full-fledged line captain. I've also flown my first trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific trips. It's been great to experience these new facets in my career as a pilot and cool to get the confidence of truly being able to fly all over the world. I'll include some of my recent favorite pictures from "the road". At home, I've still been playing Cajon for my church's worship band and getting back into archery before we settle in for another Michigan winter. But first, we get to enjoy the beautiful Michigan Autumn. I hope you are all getting in plenty of playing and flying and I look forward to the next chance to meet with you FMA'ers out there!

Mike Manny - Canadian Ambassador
An update from the FMA Canadian Ambassador, Mike Manny - The fall colours are in full bloom here in Canada's capital city, Ottawa. I can say though, that it is definitely not as cold here in the winter months, as it was in Winnipeg, Manitoba; those FMA members who reside in the Central US state will totally understand! The last few months during the current health climate have seen Canada's infection number rise, however in relation to the size of our country, the numbers are lower than many with a smaller land mass. I personally have not stopped working, albeit a mixture of working from the office and working at home (90% & 10% respectively). I 
Luckily though, measures have been put in place at my local flying locales - CYRP (Carp Airport), and CYRO (Rockcliffe Airport) - therefore, I have been flying every few weeks. As I mentioned, the colours are looking great here - the pics are of Ottawa, Ontario, and across the river in Gatineau Park, Quebec.
Musically, it has been quite quiet. There was one gig I was to play last week, and then the COVID measures were heightened here in the Ottawa area - got a call that day that the solo gig was cancelled. Oh well, there will be another day :). I've been doing some tests with a few friends using Jamulus - it's interesting, not exactly my favourite thing, but you can check it out and give me some feedback. Although gigs have been quiet, I have been able to participate in some really fun projects, one of which is called the 'COVID Co-write' which was a music competition of sorts held by well-known Cape Breton fiddler, Natalie MacIssac and well-known Ontario fiddler, Donell Leahy, from the Leahy Family. If you do not know these musical names, I encourage you to check them out online - you'll be glad you did. You can learn more about the co-write at:
Also musically speaking, I was asked to compose a military band march in April 2019, and I finally found some time to complete it! At the time, I was posted to Canadian Forces Base Winnipeg, and then shortly after was informed that I was to be posted to Ottawa in September 2019. So... life got in the way, and I wasn't able to complete the march --- more on this in another newsletter!. However, I did complete the composition in August 2020, and was able to present it to the organization that had requested the composition. To learn more, please check out my Youtube post. You can hear a computer-rendition of the score, and download it if you wish from the link in the comments:
And finally, I was asked to participate in a duo video recording with a wonderful vibraphonist from the unit I was originally working with when I was posted in September 2020. (In October I changed jobs completely, however as I eluded to - more to follow in a future edition). You can see the video at:
Well, that is all for now -- please wash your hands, wear your mask, and stay safe, friends! We'll get through these times together!

Are you on it?

View the FMA Map. This is a really nice way to graphically show where folks are and what they do. Can you imagine how fun and helpful it is, being able to look up folks when travelling to share music/aviation? Contact your regional ambassador with the following to get your spot on the FMA Map
  • Home Airport
  • Aircraft You Fly
  • Music You Play
  • Anything else you'd like to include
Are you interested in becoming more involved in FMA, in spreading the joy of flying and music? Do you like helping others excel? Are you able to communicate using 21st century technologies? Then consider becoming an FMA Ambassador. Visit the FMA Ambassador page to find out more, then reach out to a regional ambassador to get involved. 
Members in the News

Paul Villa (California)
On September 27 Paul Villa was surprised with the help of family and two FMA members: Keith Wolzinger and Jay Mason when he was presented the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award.
Congratulations Paul Villa
Dylan Mardoian (Michigan)
Student member, Dylan Mardoian, wrote an article for the spring issue of AviNation. Dylan is attending Western Michigan University and performs with the Bronco marching band. Read more here.


Student Members

FMA has nearly 200 very talented student members who are wonderful citizens and will no doubt be future leaders. The Sponsored Student Membership was developed in 2018 to help maintain these bright young individuals in the FMA network. Please consider sponsoring one or more student memberships. Donate today to the FMA Youth Engagement Fund.

Navya (Canada)
By awarding Navya Pottumutu a BOSE A20 headset, FMA acknowledges Navya's dedication while staying engaged as the most outstanding recipient of the 2019 FMA Solo program. Navya not only crushed her goals but was a stellar ambassador growing with each interaction while inspiring others. We thank BOSE and BOSE Aviation for their continued support by donating this wonderful headset - BOSE A20 Aviation Headset using Noise Reduction Technology. Navya will be able to protect her ears while flying making possible her continued love for making music. Read the full story. 

Autumn (Florida)
My name is Autumn but I go by Pepper. I am 15 and had my first flight when I was 10 through my EAA chapter.  I have volunteered there ever since and met a great mentor who has an Aerotrek A240 which I love.  I have over 30 hours of Unofficial flight time - most of it in the Aerotrek.  I just received a scholarship so I hope to start some CFI hours in the coming months.  Since I still have several months until I am 16, I have been holding off because I wanted to stretch the scholarship as long as I could.   I am a Cadet Captain in Civil Air Patrol and spent a week in Vermont last year learning to fly gliders, but didn't get to solo.  I earned a scholarship to go back this year but it was cancelled due to Covid - so that is also on my bucket list. 

I have played French Horn for four years, and also play the trumpet and mellophone.  I have a ukulele that I dabble with and a guitar that I hope to learn to play as well.  I am a theatre major/band minor in high school and I also have been singing for five plus years and currently take voice lessons.  

I want to attend USAFA so if we have any military pilots, I would love to get to know them. 

I look forward to getting to know everyone. 

Jonah (Florida) 
Jonah Soloed at Phoenix East Aviation in Daytona Beach, Florida. Jonah was an FMA Solo nominee from the class of 2019. His dedication to aviation and music continues to pay dividends. Jonah has been a frequent volunteer and pianist at the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase in Florida. We are proud to have him in the FMA network. Read more...

Jacob (Arkansas)
2020 FMA Solo finalist, Jacob Tidwell from Benton, Arkansas, soloed on June 16, 2020 with the Central Arkansas Flying Club at Saline County Regional Airport (KSUZ), in Bryant, AR. Jacob's instructor is Mike Williamson who is also the president of the club The aircraft Jacob has trained in and soloed in is a Cessna Skyhawk 172E. Read more...

And now... Jacob is a private pilot attending Texas A&M

Nathan (Alabama)
Nathan Baxley, a 2020 FMA Solo finalist from Alabama, soloed on June 23, 2020 at Shelby County Airport (KEEF) with Over The Mountain Aviation in a Cessna 172. Nate's CFI is Mark Scardino. Read more...

Jake (Pennsylvania)
Jake has Soloed. Jake, 2020 FMA Solo recipient, soloed on September 29, 2002 at the Carlisle Airport in Pennsylvania. Jakes was fortunate to have Jon Still (Still Flying LLC) as his flight instructor. Read his account here



January 16 - 19, 2020

(Anaheim, California)
By: John

National Association of Music Merchants

WOW!!! Have you attended this event? It is HUGE! After many years committed to the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida, the opportunity arose to attend The NAMM Show in California in 2020 when the folks in Sebring decided 2019 was their last year. I've been attending Summer NAMM in Nashville but finally I can now experience The NAMM Show. The comparison was always explained to me as Summer NAMM is like Sun 'n Fun whereas The NAMM Show is like AirVenture. This is so true. 

Arriving in the LA area for the event on Wednesday, we were immediately welcomed by members Paul Villa, Jay Mason, and prospective member, Keith Wolzinger along with their better halves: Barbara and Kim for dinner in Huntington Beach. 

Dinner on Thursday with Delta caption Keith Wolzinger, his wife Renah, their Sabol and Pete Marguilies. A final dinner on Friday was with Ali, Paul, Pete, Jason, Louise Vickerman.
On Thursday morning we saw what we were up against... The biggest convention I've ever been to. Bigger than NBAA! Perhaps bigger than AirVenture. Your thoughts are welcome. We met up with more members: Louise Vickerman, Peter Margulies, Alexandra & Jason Miller, and even saw Dennis Galuszka, Randy Waldman, Chris and Terry Farmer and others. The Show was so big and spread out that there was no way to cover it in one, two and maybe even 3 days. The only way to see it all is to return next year.  I will.

After another long day of gawking at musical merchandise: guitars, woodwinds, brass and percussion and running into performances by artist, we were whooped. A farewell dinner was attended by Ali & Jason, Louise & Pete, and Paul prior to heading to LAX for the return trip. 

Overall the event was absolutely marvelous. Way more than a person can see in a few days.  It's great to meet new friends and catch up with old ones. I've neglected the west coast for logistical reason for way too long. Many folks I've never personally met until now. Sure we've emailed, texted and even talked on the phone. Now, I can't wait to go back. Time was limited this round. I had to pass up offers to fly including in Paul's turbine Bonanza.

I hope you will join us at the next NAMM show whether in Nashville or Anaheim. FMA is a NAMM Foundation partner therefore our members are offered special admittance which allows you to experience the entire event. I hope to see you at the Next NAMM show.

On a sad note - Ah, I'll catch you next year. Next year is not guaranteed. I had intended to meet up with on old friend from my teenage years working at the Great Southern Music Hall. Mark Pinske was attending the University of Florida while also acting as the Sound Man. I was a grunt and assistant lighting director. We spent many long days and nights re-wring the auditorium, setting up, running shows, tearing down, and eating breakfast together.  Shows like Chick Chorea, Ike & Tina, Patti LaBelle, Melissa Manchester, Orleans, Duke Ellington, Jesus Christ Super Star, and yes... Cheech & Chong.  There were many more. As a wild eyed dreamer, I too wanted to follow that route. Well, we all went our separate ways. Mark went on to become Frank Zappa's unique sound man and I... Well you know Big Boys Don't Cry.  

Mark Pinske
1949 ~ 2020

A few photos to enjoy.

ed. note  - Due to the pandemic, there will be no show in 2021. See you in 2022

August 16, 2020

(Orange County, NY)
By: Greg Knowles

World Helicopter Day is literally, held all around the world in August, celebrating helicopter flight.  The New York area WHD is held at Independent Helicopters at Stewart International Airport.  This was a double celebration because Independent Helicopters owner and chief pilot, Heather Howley, was celebrating moving into a new building / hangar / flight school.  Helicopter and airplane CFII Greg Knowles gave an FAA Wings program on Pinch Hitter for helicopter passengers.  After a post by Greg on Facebook, it was suggested that Flying Musicians Association should provide music for the event.  FMA musicians came out for the event, which featured Ross Pilot on guitar / vocals, Roger Astudillo on bass, Greg Knowles on drums, Vinny Raniolo on guitar, Sal Lagonia on trumpet, and Sharon Siodmak on percussion.  Despite the masks and social distancing, the event was a huge success and drew more people attending than ever before.  

An interesting part of the event was when the band had a large crowd in the hangar, watching the program, a Bell 207 Long Ranger started up outside the hangar for an engine check, and the entire crowd was rockin' to the music with their backs to the band watching the helicopter!  This was a really successful concert for FMA, and if you're in the area next August, we'll get even more FMA members out to play.

Sharon Siodmak, Greg Knowles, Roger Astudillo, Sal Lagonia, Lee Ross, Vinny Raniolo

September 19, 2020

Biplane, Bands, & Cruise Night

(Bethel, PA)
By: Jeff Auen

A Fly-In / Drive-In at the Golden Age Air Museum on Grimes Field (8N1) featuring musical entertainment all day and evening.

Successful event. Amazing airport. Well attended. Friendly folks. I gave away almost all swag. Mike Damiani is a great guy. I met the airport owner and his family. They would love for the FMA to attend additional events at Grimes. They put a large stack of FMA handout cards in the museum gift shop. 
It was nice to hang out in the sun with good folks.  This is one of the few fly-ins at all in the region.  I'll be back in October if the next event goes forward at Grimes. 

Jeff's Beautiful Aircam aka Guitarcam

September 29, 2020

Byrd's Fall Backcountry Fly-In
(Ozark, Arkansas)
By: John

All pilots and aircraft are welcome at Byrd's. Located on the wild and scenic Mulberry River in Arkansas. Byrd's Adventure Center features two grass runways on 800 private acres surrounded by the Ozark National Forest.

Flying at Byrd's Adventure Center is free! RV camping with hookups is $10 per person per night. Primitive camping is $7 per person per night with access to our large heated shower house. Cabins are available on site (call 479-667-4066 for reservations). In addition to wingtip camping and fishing, Byrd's hosts fly-ins every spring and fall. 

What a treat to attend the Fall Fly-In at this beautiful back country strip in the Ozark National Forrest. We (son & grandson) flew from North Little Rock (KORK) to Ozark-Franklin (7M5) then on to Byrd's (51AR). My son invited me along on a recent visit to Little Rock.  He's now a pilot so he was PIC.  My Grandson absolutely loves flying. Airplanes are his favorite thing. How lucky are we!
Grandson Max Loves Flying

As we circle above the strip we took in the beauty of the area while looking out for other incoming planes. Leaves had not changed yet but the scenery is stunning. In addition to the nearly 20 aircraft, the camp grounds were full of campers.
Airport in Sight

It was fun meeting new friends while finding out many are regulars at AirVenture and Sun 'n Fun. All were extremely happy to be out flying. I was able to perform a bit of FMA outreach while passing out swag and rack cards. 

They had their first ArkanStol event a few weeks earlier. This event is an Ozark Backwoods Challenge which is an entirely unique experience. Inspired by the challenging terrain of the Arkansas Ozarks, this competition tests not only a pilot's skill but demands extreme knowledge of equipment and unparalleled judgment. The terrain involves actual backwoods flying while adding the exciting elements of time trials with unpredictable river valley winds. All of these aspects combine to make this experience more complex than your average STOL competition!
I'm told the event was a smashing hit. FMA has been task with getting pilot/musicians out next year t0 provide musical ambiance. Who's in?

We camped too. The temps went down to around 40F. I was happy to know that my mummy sleeping bag was rated to 30F. Sure felyt colder than 40F! There's a restaurant and general store within a 2 mile hike which was just about right to burn off the excess food they served. 

If you get a chance, I highly recommend a visit to Byrd's Adventure Center. You will enjoy the  experience of landing in a back country strip, meeting fine folks all the while soaking in the beauty Mother Nature has provided.


January 18, 2021 (Week of the 18th)

Virtual NAMM

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with the health and safety of NAMM members as the first priority, NAMM is reimagining how to connect all facets of the industry while benefiting those most deeply impacted by COVID-19 with the launch of Believe in Music: The global gathering to unify and support the people who bring music to the world.

Believe in Music, to be held over the week of January 18, 2021, will feature a mix of comprehensive programming and professional education at, as well as an interactive marketplace to connect buyers and sellers - all designed to elevate the innovation and inspiration found across the industry while offering support for those most deeply affected by COVID. While not The NAMM Show or a virtual tradeshow, the initiative will meet the immediate business needs of NAMM member companies through thought-leader led education for all segments of the industry, networking and AI matchmaking, and business-to-business-focused opportunities to reaffirm and grow business connections, launch new products, share brand initiatives and engage with customers in real-time.

January 28-30, 2021

DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase
(DeLand, Florida)

Due to the pandemic of 2020, the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase was moved from November of 2020 to January of 2021. This event which use to be our year ending event, will now be our beginning of the year event for 2021.

Who will join us for aviation, music, and fun at this friendly event in Florida? We have, on good word, that the FMA Brass quintet will again fly over from Tampa to perform. Will Marci Buckingham bring her Circle Band? Can we count on you too? 

A Few Pictures from 2018
FMA Brass
Marcia Buckingham's Circle Band

Byron & Nancy Miesse
JROTC Singing the U. S. Air Force Song



For updates visit the FMA website

Do you know of an event where FMA can participate? 
Please let us know!
We want to hear from you about your event.

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Renewing Corporate Members

We are proud to support the flying musicians.

The Bristell S-LSA aircraft are proudly imported by Bristell Aircraft headed by Lou Mancuso and sales managed by John Rathmell, Rich Maisano and their team.

Milan Bristella, the designer and creator of the Bristell Light Sport Aircraft, has revolutionized the Light Sport Aircraft industry with his unique designs and specifications.

The DeLand (Florida) Sport Aviation Village and Showcase is pleased to support the Flying Musicians Association and its commitment to promoting aviation and music as joint avocations/vocations.
Supporting FMA was an easy decision for FMA's goals coincide with the goals of "Sharing passion in order to inspire, educate, and encourage others to gain knowledge of the aviation industry," said Sam Scanlon, managing partner.

" looks forward to helping FMA promote aviation as well as inspiring our youth. We constantly seek additional avenues of involvement in the aviation industry, as well as assisting job seekers find their next job or aviation companies identify the talent they need."

The Flying Musicians Association's efforts to educate youth in STEM subjects through aeronautics and music creates a unique approach to bringing more young men and women into the aviation industry. Redbird is proud to support their goal.

Redbird Flight delivers simulators, software, and aviation education content to K-16 educational institutions and flight schools. With more than 1,800 devices in service worldwide, Redbird is the fastest growing and most innovative flight training solutions provider. 
Hartzell Engine Technologies shares FMA's passion for aviation and is proud to support FMA's mission to inspire, educate, and encourage others by creating enthusiasm and promoting personal growth through aviation and music.

Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC, along with its sister company, Hartzell Propeller Inc., form the general aviation business unit of Tailwind Technologies Inc., a growing aerospace technology company. Hartzell Engine Technologies is the leading OEM supplier of aircraft cabin heating solutions and engine accessories, including turbocharging systems, aircraft alternators, starters and fuel pumps. These product lines are produced under the Janitrol Aero, AeroForce, Plane-Power, Sky-Tec, and Fuelcraft brands. For further information about Hartzell Engine Technologies and its products please visit:

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Overhead Guitar by Journey Instruments

Overhead Guitar
Overhead Guitar

Voyage-Air Guitar
"I've taken the Voyage-Air Guitar, Model #VAOM - O2SN, to aviation events across the country in 2018 in the back of the RV6-A. Flying in a small plane requires a bit of a juggling act to get 'er all in - under weight. It not only fits comfortably but is well protected in its very padded case. It never fails to attract more attention than I. The sound is rich with a nice bass. The best part, other than being more of a magnet than I, is that she looks just as good today as she did when she arrived at AirVenture 2017." - John Zapp

Tonewood Amp
"I was an early adopter here, contributing to the ToneWood crowdfunding campaign, so I've had my ToneWood Amp for a while. It really does live up to the hype. When I play acoustically with reverb or delay it still feels like magic. I can get that amazingly rich sound without pedals, cables or even a power outlet. I love to watch the reactions when I play acoustically around a campfire." - Jeff Auen

Bose L1 Compact & ToneMatch
"I use the L1 Compact for small venue and house concerts up to 75 people. It's lightweight, compact, easy to set up and it always sounds great. The L1 Compact even fits in my airplane with a Honda generator for those outback gigs." - Jeff Auen

AirTurn goStands 
"I purchased a pair of AirTurn Mic Stands for my airplane sound rig. They pack really small and weigh only 3 pounds or so, but when you set them up, they are rock solid and feel very much like a "normal" high-quality mic stand. They're an essential part of my sound gear that fits inside my airplane." - Jeff Auen

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