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A Message From Our GM

Summer is coming to a close, and it's starting to feel like fall up here. The colours are changing and there's a chill in the air, but it somehow acts to enhance the beauty of the terrain and vastness of the skies. The horses are starting to regrow their winter coats, and the wranglers are bringing the horses in under pink fire-sky sunrises. It's a great time to come up and visit as the pace has a decidedly slower feel as the days shorten, and our focus turns again to the horses. We have acquired several over the season which will need plenty of work come fall, and so we are launching some new equine events and activities that we would love for guests to be a part of! If you love The Flying U herd, come learn more about them, horsemanship, and training this fall! We'll be doing everything from saddle-fitting, and equine first aid work to desensitization training, and starting.   

Though the season is far from over, it was truly an amazing summer getting to know the guests, the horses, and the Cariboo. I know myself, and many of the staff, are looking forward to many more years on this wonderful property!

Check Out Our Fall Equine Events!
Harvest Moon Wrangler Ride: September 16, 2016

Our wranglers are riding around the lake! 

Come ride us out - picnic at the far East side of Green Lake, only a 3 hr ride from The Ranch. 

OR, want to participate? Call us!

Horsemanship Clinic: September 19 - 24. 

Flying U Ranch hosts it's first ever horsemanship workshop. 
Come join the fun while we start, restart, and work with our 'project horses' this September!

Three ways to join: 
  • As a spectator 
  • As a participant with a ranch horse
  • As a participant with personal horse
Prices starting at 25.00/day - includes lunch. 

OR, stay at the ranch, and participate for free!

THEORY PORTIONS of the day will be a give and take discussion on common practices, traditional methods, and new and innovative ways to looks at horsemanship. 
What We Cover:
 equine first aid *, natural horsemanship, The Sullis Approach *

GROUND WORK covers training from the ground; working on problem areas such as tying, trailering, and feet: both natural and tradition methods including hobbling; as well as desensitization training. 

What We Cover: 
desensitization training *, halter training colts, ground training yearlings, round-pen work, natural horsemanship, emergency first aid scenarios *

MOUNTED WORK will be focussing on horses at various stages of training, and will evolve as the training progresses. 

What We Cover: starting mature horses, restarting 'problem' horses, working with green horses


*Limited coverage outside First Aid Course September 24-25

Equi-Health Emergency Equine First Aid: September 24 & 25
  • Includes desensitization obstacle training, and mounted work as part of our Horsemanship Clinic 
A  fast-paced course covering: what your vet needs to know, conditioning a horse to accept treatment, taking vital signs, dealing with lacerations, punctures, colic, choke, collapse, casting, shock, hoof issues, recognizing pain in the horse and pain source identification, saddle fit for spinal health, injury prevention and so much more!

All attendees receive a certificate of completion, first aid manual and this course earns you professional development credits with Equine Canada as well as equine-related insurance discounts with Capri and Intercity!

* Our Amazing 2016 Season at a Glance *

Yoga in the Lodge
Swimming with horses
Tubing on Green Lake
Jumping into Green Lake
Earning Horseshoes
Riding bareback
John on the Airstrip with Nala
Our latest Marine addition
Our 100+ horses to befriend
Fresh home-baked bread

Fall doesn't mean the fun stops up here at the ranch; the weather is changing and we are refocusing our sights from swimming on horseback to Gymkhana!

We're Saying Goodbye to Some Great Staff!

Raven Nymen left us on August 27, after months of hard work in the office. If you were up this year, chances are, Raven checked you in! 

Raven has returned to Vancouver, where she will continue her undergrad at UBC. 

 - Thank you Raven!

Kelsey Vaughan will be leaving us September 11. Kelsey worked primarily serving guests in the lodge and will be moving on to work at Mount Polley Mine, but staying local (William's Lake) so we expect her to visit lots!

-Thank you Kelsey!

Sue Vondrakova will be leaving us September 14 after also having worked most of the season in our lodge. Sue's parents will be visiting the ranch from Czech Republic for a few days before they all continue on travelling within Canada. Sue plans to move to New Zealand and spend another year working abroad. 

- Thank you Sue!

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