It's time to Fly into Friday!
Happy Friday everybody!  I hope you all had a successful week with your distance learning.  Just a few more hours and the weekend will be here.  Any big plans??  Although today looks a little rainy, I believe the weekend is supposed to be a little nicer and warmer, so get outside in your own yard and have some fun!

Today is all about Flying!

1.  Do you have an old egg carton lying around.  You can make it fly by making a Flying Egg Carton Helicopter.

2.  How about a Straw Rocket?


3.  Do you know what a Zappy Zoomer is??  I didn't but it looks so cool!  You can make your own Zappy Zoomer (I really like that name).

4.  This is one you definitely need to do with an adult.  Make your very own Bubble Powered Rocket.  Take a video and send to me.  


5.  Are you into space?  NASA has an amazing site with activities, virtual tours, e-books and more.  You should check out NASA at Home.

And for your parents & staff- I feel like I am cooking so much more, especially with the whole family home all the time.  I love to cook and be creative, but also love trying new recipes that others recommend.  So I thought, let's put together a Covid-19 Cook Book that can be shared!   Send me your favorite family recipe by Friday, April 10th.  It can be breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks, drinks, etc.  Feel free to add a family picture or inspirational quote.  Send them to


Have a great weekend!!!  More fun and exciting this will be coming next week!


Keep letting me know what you are doing to stay busy!  I love getting all of your emails!! 

I miss all of you!

Ms. Suzanne