May 14, 2021
Featured Podcasts

A gym owner who defied his governor and became a lightning rod for conservatives all over the country... today we are joined by Ian Smith to talk about his journey from gym owner to frontline hero in the war against authoritative government!

From Zimbabwe to Flyover Country, becoming a 7 figure business builder and now finding herself on the front lines of our present race tension here in the US. We speak with Melissa Tate on everything from her successful entrepreneurial journey to critical race theory. 
This Biblical Time with David and Stacy Whited
Today we are going to connect 4 seemingly unconnected events to show you how they all tie into your role in THIS BIBLICAL MOMENT!



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Featured Headlines

Fauci's ducking and weaving, under questioning from Rand Paul, suggests a startling possibility: the very people who are lecturing us about how to deal with this deadly virus might have been complicit in giving us the virus in the first place.
Listen as Robin D. Bullock calls out whispers of God that reveal name by name characters that will fill our headlines over the upcoming weeks.

Laid-off employee responds to Sec. Jennifer Granholm contradicting the Biden Administration's Keystone XL pipeline cancellation
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