February 12, 2021
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Edward Solomon breaks down the Geometric Proof of the Georgia Election fraud in 12 minutes. This is a great way of quickly understanding the math behind how he claims the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen. 

Join us as we discuss the seven mountains of influence, prophetic insights into election results, how to more clearly hear from God, and a whole lot of laughter and hope!
by Tammy Wagoner

...The funny part is I RARELY remember my dreams if I even dream. I even asked my husband of almost 21 years, “have I ever told you about a dream?” His reply was “no.” This dream seemed so real that I had to stew on it for a while as I prayed...READ MORE
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Since the January 6 takeover of the Capitol was a planned event, how could Trump have incited it? He didn't. So here's the smoking gun case for acquittal.
Jonathan Cahn offers a prophetic message of warning to President Joe Biden and America (Presidential Inauguration 2021)
Disney has FIRED actress Gina Carano from their hit show 'The Mandalorian' for an Instagram post they deemed to be "abhorrent and unacceptable.”
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A short film - Dedicated to all those who sacrifice everything to make the world safer and better for all of us.
Our Interview with Ilan, the CEO of Egard Watches drops at noon today! You will love it!
Letter From The Flyover Team
The world needs a hero! America needs a hero! As a matter of fact, we have never needed a hero more than right now. Everyone is looking to their left and to their right trying to find one. 
They are looking in their Facebook feed, their newspaper, Hollywood, basically everywhere except the mirror. The problem is, most people on the “right” thought they had one already, Donald J. Trump! He was the first cultural icon, a billionaire, a coastal elite that walked away from the cocktail party crowd to stand up against evil and fight on their behalf! Conservatives had their very own Batman!
The dictionary defines a hero as a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. What's interesting about that list is that we all possess the ability to be a hero! It does not mention the ability to fly, shoot spider webs, or even be a billionaire! It’s courageous actions that inspire outstanding achievements, and who is capable of courageous actions? ALL OF US! The cool thing about being courageous and making powerful decisions is that it’s a lot like parachute jumping. One only needs about three seconds of actual courage, and then gravity takes care of the rest!
I personally believe that President Trump’s role as our hero is not yet complete, but that is not the point. His most powerful feet was not in standing up to those that look down on the middle class and those that often shower after work as well as before. He showed us what one person can accomplish if they align their actions with their beliefs, roll up their sleeves, and stop living for the approval of others.  
What we need today is not for President Trump to fly onto the scene and solve 80 million of our problems, we need 80 million AmeriCANS to step forward and solve one problem!  
The hero your family and community needs lives inside your mirror and is waiting for you and your three seconds of bravery.

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