January 15, 2021
The First Newsletter!!
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Featured Flyover Podcast
Check out our interview we did this week with the GREAT Chelsea Comadoll on what it is like to be a conservative today on a college campus. She unloads great tip after great tip on how to survive...
About Us
Stacy and I have always been entrepreneurs. We grew up in rural Kansas... Farm Country... and with very conservative values instilled in us...
Featured Headlines
ObamaGate Uncovered
Per Lou Dobbs-President Trump to declassify all ObamaGate documents... this will include Surveillance of President Trump and his campaign as well as Christopher Steele's debriefing reports.
FlashPoint: Watch God Move
This Flashpoint episode is a must watch as the regular contributors bring in Michelle Bachman to add insight and encouragement concerning a VICTORIOUS Trump 2020 election.
Leaked Video Footage of Twitter Founder
Investigative Journalist, Project Veritas, released video footage of Twitter's Founder, Jack Dorsey's, internal discussions before Trump's Ban...
Flyover Update
These past few months conservatives have taken some major blows of betrayal and censorship from the long overreaching arms of the Leftist Big Tech and their duly elected minions in DC. There are 160 million Americans living in a place that the coastal "elite" have mostly never visited… Flyover Country. 

We at Flyover Conservatives are upping our game to gather, inform, educate, encourage, and ultimately unleash a conservative army that dominates culture and future elections.
Help us over-ride the Leftist tech machine by promoting and forwarding this content and helping friends wade through the shadow bans to register and get in the fight. 

The website flyoverconservatives.com will act as the central hub from which all other octopus arms will sprout. Partner with us as those arms show up as blogs, podcasts, meet-ups, and live events all over Flyover Country! 

This is YOUR country, and this is YOUR site, so join us as we ring the bell for Patriots to WAKE UP, SPEAK UP, AND SHOW UP like never before!

Buckle up, 2021 is going to be a blast!
Flyover Conservative Team

P.S. In case no one told you today... Trump will continue to serve us as President for the next 4 years!