February 26, 2021
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Join in as we discuss the post 1/20 world we find ourselves in and how we as Christian conservatives play our part in the restoration of Truth amongst the world's greatest crime.

Ilan Srulovicz has been an actor in hit shows and films like The Walking Dead, Deep Water Horizon, and numerous Marvel shows. He is the CEO of Egard Watch Company and has used his platform to take numerous stances that have gone viral, whether it be supporting masculinity, humanizing police, and most recently standing up for freedom.

"We need at least a $50,000 minimum [debt relief]. What will you do to make it happen?" Without missing a beat – seriously, this is the most lively, direct, and responsive I've seen ole Sleepy Joe in years – he answered, "I will not make that happen." READ MORE
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Even the far Left is alarmed and taking note of Biden's Executive Orders and Orwellian approach to governance.  Namoi Wolf spent years as a political advisor to Al Gore, Bill Clinton and authoring books to promote the third-wave feminist movement.  Listen as she is now more alarmed than most of us as to the extreme positions taken by Joe Biden and his political handlers.
Timothy Dixon has an urgent message about Donald Trump, Kamala Harris, and how God is coming to shake the leaders of the United States.
Dinesh D'Souza and his daughter Danielle D'Souza Gill discuss the bizarre new phenomenon of "woke Christianity." Hint: It's the devil's favorite brand.
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Imagine a Secret industry as big and profitable as the NFL, but all of its revenue came from hurting women, children, and the most vulnerable among us.
How would you keep it from being discussed in government and in churches around the world?
Letter From The Flyover Team
The Bible says in both Matthew and Luke that a tree should be judged by its fruit. What exactly does that mean? A Lemon tree can tell you a thousand times that it is a tomato plant, but it is by the lemons on its branches that we should identify what that tree really is.
A politician can say that they are gaining power in order to stand up for those that are not able to stand up for themselves, but what are their actions?  If a person votes in favor of the termination of life during every single month of a pregnancy, and even past the delivery of a child, are they really giving a voice to the voiceless?  What if a politician says they are there to stand up for and defend all Americans, but then produce an executive order that defends pedophiles and sexual predators that have gained access to our country illegally.  Does that tree match its fruit?
This week Joe Biden canceled President Trump’s ‘Operation Talon’ Program that Targeted Sex Offenders Living in the U.S. Illegally.  
Why would “the most popular presidential candidate” in US history sign an executive order to defend sexual predators that gained access to our country illegally?  
There is a lot that the Left and the Right may not agree on, but have we drifted so far on the moral compass that we as Americans could not agree to stand on the side of our own children?  What political ground is to be gained by protecting illegal immigrants that have raped and abused American children by signing an Executive Order that allows the abusers to stay on US soil and not be deported to their country of origin?
The truth is, the fruit does not match the tree, and the tree can no longer be believed.  When an elected official demonstrates they are not there to defend the most vulnerable amongst us, take their word for it, they are not there to stand up for any of us.

Flyover Team
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